Local Business Listings with NAP’S are Essential for Local SEO

February 2, 2017 SEO

NAP stands for “Name, Address, and Phone Number.” When using local SEO services, an expert will ensure that your NAP is correct. What that means is that with professional local search engine optimization services, a citation that features a complete NAP or a portion of it gets added to every mention of your business online. That NAP consistency is vital to enhancing your local visibility program.

Using NAP SEO as part of a marketing campaign is not without challenges, which is why you should consider the services of a highly-regarded local SEO company. That way, nothing critical gets overlooked, which, in turn, gives you the best opportunity to surpass your competitors.

Think of business owners who have three or more physical store locations. As a way of individualizing each, the stores have a name variation as well as different addresses, phone numbers, and website URLs. For data consistency, that creates a real problem. When you add in other factors such as locations that closed, acquisitions, and rebranding, even Google has a hard time trusting the business information and the NAP citations.

For confidence that your NAP is consistent, you want to rely on a professional local search engine optimization company. By working with an expert, you have confidence that your NAP sends out a consistent, reliable, and transparent message. The following are some examples of why this is critical for your local business NAP listings.

  • Address – If you want to rank high in Google, it must see consistency for the address of your business in the citations and anywhere it appears online, including location pages and Google My Business. Even one little abbreviation becomes a big issue, such as using Blvd. instead of Boulevard or SE instead of Southeast. Everything must match.
  • Phone Number – If you have a toll-free number that people outside of the state can call, you still need consistency with your local phone number for all citations, location pages, and Google My Business.
  • Website – Instead of having a site with name variations or extensions used online and in citations, the URL must remain consistent.
  • Name Change/Acquisition – Whether you changed the name of your company or completed an acquisition, it is essential that you maintain consistency. Otherwise, you could face an issue with duplication in the citations.

At MacRAE’S, we can help ensure that your NAP is 100 percent consistent. For assistance with this or any SEO need, please contact us today.

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