Local SEO Services Local SEO Services: The Rise in Digital Marketing for Local Advertising

June 2, 2017 SEO

Everyone knows that the popularity of digital marketing has skyrocketed, thereby affecting global SEO strategies. However, some people are unaware that local SEO marketing is also affected. More than before, SEO for a local business is critical. Without implementing the right strategies for internet marketing, a local small business will miss opportunities. To understand how digital marketing impacts local SEO, consider the following information.


“Micro-moments” is a phrase created by Google. With mobile devices, the journey that people make when conducting searches, visiting websites, and buying online is broken into hundreds of small moments, each intent-driven and in real-time. To garner business, companies must respond in real-time while providing valuable information. Because people who use smartphones expect to get an immediate response, local businesses must be ready to comply with that demand.

Local and Mobile Convergence

Smartphone makers make new announcements all the time, each revealing something more sophisticated and smarter. For example, geolocation is now a big deal. Because of this, Google continually changes its algorithms to ensure that businesses are mobile-friendly. If you have a local business, this helps by making the playing field even.

Searching by Voice

Voice searches are also on the rise, which is why Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri are in such high demand. With ongoing tech improvements, people who search using their voice find it easier and more efficient to find local businesses.

Content Marketing

As with other SEO strategies, content marketing has to evolve continually. Otherwise, it cannot match needs with the habits of search users. For that reason, you need to know your targeted audience, including what they are doing and where they spend their time online. Using that data, you have the opportunity to customize messages. Also, if you have different types of buyers, you need to consider personas when creating content.

Platforms for Social Media

Thanks to social media platforms, consumers have an easy way to identify and connect with local businesses. For both personal and business purposes, millions of people rely on social media daily. Whether discussing business or sticking to private topics, it is common for things like companies, products, services, and brands to come up. With the right SEO strategies, social media platforms serve to bridge the gap between consumers and local businesses.

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