How Google My Business Affects Your SEO

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November 18, 2021 Digital Marketing

Google is a source for businesses to thrive through the use of marketing tools. Google My Business, is a platform offered by Google that offers businesses an increase in traffic for dental office websites. Best of all, Google My Business is free and comes with immense value. Businesses who know how to maximize their account, such as using SEO for dental offices are likely to increase their searches for when potential customers seek dental care.

To start with the process, dental offices will want to create an account and get it verified. Afterward, businesses should fill out the information necessary to maximize the profile. Here are a few extra tips!

Focus on Name, Address, and Phone Number

When it comes to SEO for dentists, it is essential to utilize business information as much as possible. For example, businesses will want to standardize their name, address, and phone number. It is essential to ensure the name, address, and phone number of businesses is the same on business platforms, including on Facebook and Yelp pages. The information must continue to be consistent to avoid inaccurate information. Businesses must ensure their information is correct on each online digital platform. When it comes to digital marketing for dentists, accurate information makes an immense difference.

Provide Quality Images

When it comes to optimizing a Google My Business profile, it is essential to put your best foot forward. Dental offices should upload quality photos to their business profiles. High quality photos attract more individuals to want to stay on a page. Therefore, businesses should optimize their photo images by providing many for potential customers to view. If there are no high quality images to choose from, businesses should hire a professional to assist. Furthermore, dental offices should stay away from stock photos. Providing intentional photos can assist in keeping a profile up to speed and increase rankings.


Dental offices reach more potential clients when they post frequently to their profiles. Posting more frequently allows profiles to grow. By simply adding updates about businesses for viewers, a larger audience is gathered. Reminders can vary from regular cleanings to dental services offered. There is an “add offer” button on the platform which offices can utilize for promotional purposes.


Reviews are a vital part of growth for businesses. Reviews allow for businesses to rank higher than others. While businesses are used to receiving reviews, they can further respond to reviews leaving positive remarks. By simply saying, “thank you,” potential clients can view the comments as a positive business encounter.

Using Google My Business is an essential way to increase a business's digital marketing strategies. For more information regarding the platform, contact the SEO experts for Dental Officers at MacRAE’S for more information.