Are Local Citations Worth the Financial Investment?

March 22, 2017 SEO

When it comes to local citations, there seems to be an influx of businesses wanting to get listed. For an increasing number of Toronto business owners, they understand the role that local citations play in SEO. However, for people who have still not make the connection, they should first gain more insight into what local SEO services in Toronto do. From there, they will have a better understanding of citations.

A local citation is used as a reference to any mention of an online local business. This is something that can occur with or without a link. As a matter of fact, local citations can appear in various forms, such as a single phone number or the name of a company. Sometimes, they consist of a combination of different information, including a phone number, company name, and address. Regardless, to rank higher on Bing and Google, local citations are a critical part of optimization. Typically, companies with a large number of citations rank higher compared to companies with only a few.

If you are interested in using local citations as part of your SEO strategy, placement is a critical factor. For better indexing, they should be placed in portals. The placement also helps the accuracy of which a search engine categorizes a business, along with the business contact information. Because a citation confirms what a search engine believes a business is, it serves to authenticate a company.

When talking to local SEO Toronto business owners, they agree that for less competitive niches such as plumbers and electricians, citations are incredibly important. The reason is that in many cases, these types of businesses do not maintain a website. Obviously, this makes finding information difficult, since the very information that search engines need in order for the businesses to be found online is non-existent.

There are additional ways in which citations are helpful. For example, they work to validate the connection between a specific business and a community. To develop citations, you need to consider the best practice local SEO tips. As a result, your business will rank better with search engines, but in addition, you will notice increased traffic to your site.

One important note about citations is that they are not all the same. For example, when comparing citations on a quality website to a site filled with spam, those on the quality site are far more valuable. As stated, the placement of local citations is extremely important, so if you are interested in using them, be careful in your choice of placement. Of course, to eliminate any guesswork, you can work with a reputable SEO marketing company in Toronto.

At MacRAE’S, we understand citations and their importance as well as all other SEO strategies. Whether you’re just establishing an online business or looking for a way to boost success, our team of experts can help. To get started, please give us a call today or visit our website.