Recover from a Google Penalty with an SEO Agency

June 12, 2017 SEO

A penalty can ultimately cost you money and damage your reputation. If you think that Google penalizes your online business, turn to a reputable SEO agency. An expert will analyze the situation, identify the problem, then recover your site. However, an SEO professional will also provide you with insight for avoiding future penalties.

A top SEO management agency not only implements various marketing strategies to bolster the success of online businesses, but it also helps people recover from penalties. Learning that Google has penalized you is frustrating, especially after spending a lot of time, money, and effort working on SEO strategies. If Google believes that your site violated its Webmaster Guidelines or manipulated the SERPs (search engine results) in some way, it will penalize you.

For a manual penalty, Google sends a message letting you know that it completely banned your site. However, if the issue relates to Google’s algorithm, this search engine flagged your site as spam and sends no notice. Fortunately, there are signs to watch for that would indicate the need for recovery services from an internet marketing company. Some examples of these include the following.

  • Decreased Home Page Ranking – Your home page dropped in ranking from the first page to the second or third
  • Vanishing Website – Your website disappeared from all search rankings
  • Non-Ranking Landing Page – Other site pages rank, excluding the landing page

Common Types of Penalties

An expert knows what to look for when searching for Google penalties. Based on the findings, the person offers the appropriate solution. Some of the more common penalties that an internet marketing company deals with include:

  • Bad Links – If your site consists of irrelevant or low-ranking links, a penalty is imminent. This is why a professional SEO consultant never uses links for the sake of boosting engine ranking but instead focuses on industry-related or high-quality links.
  • Keyword Spamming – Google penalizes for overusing or “stuffing” keywords. Whether inside or outside of your site’s content, an SEO expert can make the necessary changes, thereby improving your ranking status.
  • Duplicate Content – If Google finds your site contains copied or similar content from another site, it will penalize you for duplicate content. Always write original, interesting, useful, and engaging content, and then check it for copyright infringement using a trusted program or tool.
  • Cloaking – Cloaking consists of highly optimized pages invisible to site visitors but seen by search engines as a way of increasing page ranking but without providing people with quality content.

Regardless of the penalty, our team of experts at MacRAE Marketing will identify the issue and fix it. If you notice any of the penalty signs mentioned, contact us immediately for professional assistance.