Tips for Building Your Backlink Strategy

Backlink website reputation

March 2, 2021 Link Building
Backlinking is the digital marketing term for getting sites to link back to your website. Google and other search engines look at backlinking when they evaluate how authoritative and valid your website is. If you have many backlinks from low-quality websites, it will reflect poorly on you. However, when your site has links from established, valid sources, it improves your website’s reputation. That’s why it’s important that you work with a digital marketing agency in Toronto to create a backlink strategy. The better your backlinks are, the higher you’ll rank in searches.

Search for Your Company Name

  The first thing you can do is a quick search for your company name. Obviously, you want to see your own website and social media profiles to come up first. However, look beyond those. You’re looking for other websites that say something about your business. If you find your company name mentioned in blogs, articles, or news stories without linking to your website, reach out to that website and ask that they link to you. In many cases, they will be happy to include a backlink for you.

Check Directories

  Is your website included in a link on Yahoo Business, the yellow pages, your city’s local chamber of commerce, and other directories? If it’s not, reach out to these sites and ask that they backlink to you. A digital marketing agency in Mississauga will likely have a list of local directories you can reach out to. Other places to check include professional organizations that you’re a part of and even organizations that have given your company an award. Some keep lists of past winners on their websites. Some of these directories and professional organizations have a form where you can submit your company information, including your website. If you’re not on the site, fill out this form so you can get added. Check back regularly to see that you are included, though do note that it may take several days if an actual person has to verify your website.

Contact Suppliers or Customers

  If you purchase supplies from a company that lists some of their major clients on their website, ask them if they would include you and backlink to your site. You can reciprocate by linking to them if they ask. You can also reach out to customers who mention you and your products on their site. Again, you can add a link to their pages in return if you do not already link to them. If you’re a retailer who sells specific brands, reach out to those brands. They may be more than willing to add a link to their “where to find our brand” page if they have one. As one of the premiere digital marketing services in Toronto, MacRAE’S can help you draft a professional email asking for a backlink that you can reuse when needed.

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