How to Leverage SEO Practices for Your Dental Office

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April 22, 2021 SEO

Dental offices often rely on traditional advertising to bring in new patients. They promote themselves via newspaper ads, billboards, and even ads on local television or radio. However, more and more people are now turning to the internet to find a new dentist. They want to read reviews from other patients and learn about the staff. If you haven’t worked with a marketing agency that understands SEO for dental office websites, you may find that your website isn’t bringing in the traffic you would like. Here are a few ways you can leverage SEO practices to increase traffic.

Incorporate Local Terms and Phrases

Your dental office offers a service to your clients that requires them to come to you, so your customer base needs to be within easy travel distance to your office. This means it doesn’t do you any good to bring in traffic from other cities, states, or countries. You need local users to visit your website, which means you need to optimize it for your location. Local SEO is a vital part of digital marketing for dentists. It includes using your city and state in keywords as well as specific neighborhoods, districts, or even street names, depending on your location. By doing so, you’ll rank much higher in searches for “dentist in (your location).”

Add Content to Your Site

Your website can do more than just list the services you offer and who is on your team. You can add content such as a blog or a news page. Here, you can provide information to your clients about particular procedures or conditions, give them tips for maintaining their oral health, and more. This is also a way of incorporating various keywords without crowding your main webpages with them. A WordPress website development company will be able to help you create a blog and teach you how to easily update it so you can continue to share new information with your clients.

Make Use of Google My Business

Google is the most popular search engine, and the company has a number of tools your dental office should be using to rank higher in searches. One such tool is called Google My Business. Here, you can list your business name, address, contact information, logo, photos, and much more. This listing will then appear when someone does a search for a dentist in your location. It also helps with mobile searches because users can tap your address and immediately get directions to your location.

These are just a few ways of leveraging SEO to improve your client base. If you’re in need of help with SEO, your website, or digital marketing in general, MacRAE’S is here for you. Our team has years of experience assisting dental offices grow their business online. Contact us today to learn more.

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