Tips for Increasing Your Number of Targeted Instagram Followers Daily

January 16, 2018 Digital Marketing

For years, Instagram lagged behind other social media sites when it came to marketing. However, it is now a robust platform utilized by many of the top SEO agencies in Toronto. In fact, by implementing the right strategies, you will see a substantial growth in business. Top Toronto SEO experts know what it takes to increase targeted followers on a daily basis.

By working with the best SEO company in Toronto, you can gain tremendous insight into how to build your Instagram followers or allow a professional to use one of the following examples of top strategies.

Superior Quality Content

Just like images, posting content on Instagram is essential. However, only after writing excellent content does an SEO expert post the photos. In other words, rather than write material in support of images, a marketing firm chooses photos that correlate with the content. Preferably, you want to use professionally taken photographs. But if you use stock images, make sure they are of the highest caliber.

Utilizing Bots

You can grow your followers by commenting and liking photos belonging to other people. You can do this manually, but a more efficient option involves utilizing bots. Based on how you specify hashtags, bots will either like and comment or avoid them.

Social Media Influencers

It is also helpful to connect with social media influencers. These are people with established credibility and between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. This one strategy alone is enough to bump your followers by 4 percent.

Use Hashtags

You can also use hashtags, which you can think of as bright neon lights that draw people in searching for the type of photos that you post. Not only can you use trending hashtags, but if necessary, a marketing firm can create some on your behalf.

One important note is that on Instagram, you cannot over-post photos and content simultaneously. Doing that will spam other user’s feeds. For that reason, skilled Toronto SEO experts utilize the necessary tools to limit posts to no more than three a day. These are posted only during times when the activity of your followers is the highest.

Working with a Trusted Source

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, we can help. At MacRAE’S Marketing, we have the skills and know-how for implementing this and other SEO strategies into your overall marketing campaign. To get more information, please visit us online or give us a call.