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June 28, 2018 SEO

For some time, people suspected that Google planned to change its keyword ranking rules. While Google remained quiet for some time, it eventually confirmed an update to its core search ranking algorithm. While the goal is to increase the number of searches and improve the search ranking, if webmasters start to see a decline in rankings, even a company that provides professional SEO services has limited options to help.

Circulating Rumors and Suspicions

Rumors about Google changing its ranking algorithm began to circulate back in February. While no one confirmed it, webmasters soon started posting complaints on Twitter and other social media sites, complaining about a significant increase in traffic. In fact, for some, the numbers jumped from 1,000 to 5,000 in a matter of days. On the flip side, other webmasters experienced a dramatic decline. While that heated up the debate, most people felt it was nothing more than a slow rollback or bug.

Initially, even a top professional SEO services company could not determine the cause of dramatic increases and decreases in search ranking but within a few days, it and others speculated that Google had made updates to two algorithms. Finally, Google confirmed an expansion of its mobile-first index. Along with that, it removed the view image button in the image search, rolled out snippets with multifaceted features, eliminated the blog search ping feature, and changed the request indexing feature due to spam or abuse.

While the information Google shared calmed some people down, companies that provide professional SEO services knew there was something else going on. From March 9 to 11, webmasters figured out that Google finished its algorithm update, which left many of them even more confused than before. The reason is that while one professional SEO services company saw no substantial changes, another watched traffic drop by as much as 55 percent.

Google Comes Clean

Google confirmed its update on March 13. On that date, it said the release of a broad core algorithm took place one week prior. Google also stated that on several occasions throughout the year, it had added algorithm changes. More astounding was the fact that Google said to improve results, it had unleashed one or more changes daily. That statement created more confusion with webmasters pointing out that a daily update to a core algorithm is not something that happens.

An expert came forward to untangle Google’s earlier statement, explaining that instead of several times a day, changes to the core algorithm took place a few times during the year. Nathan Johns with Google reported that it started rolling out the official update on March 7 but that webmasters did not experience any change for a couple of days.

In response to the question why Google changed the keyword ranking algorithm, Johns said it was to reward websites that are typically under-rewarded. For sites seeing a decline in traffic, he emphasized that it had nothing to do with a Google penalty and that webmasters should continue working to make improvements.

Although a professional SEO services company has no control in fixing the update, they can keep making improvements to sites to increase search ranking. Primarily, they should focus on enhancing content, in combination with implementing various other innovative SEO strategies.

Seeking Professional SEO Assistance

If you have a website in the group of those experiencing a significant drop in search ranking, it is more important than ever to reach out to a reputable SEO company to assist. As suggested by Google, the expert you hire will start by analyzing your current content. Based on the findings, that individual will make the appropriate recommendations for change.

From there, the expert will shift his focus to on-page SEO services to identify missed opportunities. Making those changes should have a positive impact on how your site ranks, giving you back your competitive edge.

Professional SEO Services

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