SEO Company in Canada: 5 Ways to Improve Your Website Performance

June 11, 2017 SEO

Even with a professionally designed and developed website, unless it performs, it has no value. According to one SEO company in Canada known for its unparalleled experience and expertise, five distinct methods will improve the performance of your website. Whether just starting out with a new site or wanting to improve on an existing one, the following solutions will make a significant difference.

Your local SEO company can improve your website’s overall performance using just one or all five methods mentioned. Top search engine optimization consultants focus on increasing the conversion rate of your site, which equates to a greater number of sales, enhanced profits, and more brand recognition. Also, the bounce rate decreases, which means that people stick around as opposed to leaving your site after viewing just one page. The following represent why proper website design and professional SEO services are critical to your success.

  1. Responsive Website Design – With a responsive website design, content adapts to fit the device that people use for viewing. Although the best search engine optimization consultants utilize a host of SEO methods, this one is perhaps among the most powerful, especially now that more people use mobile devices opposed to computers.
  2. Clear and Concise Value Proposition – While it can be tempting to list every great thing that you offer, you need to write a clear and concise value proposition on your home or landing page. Ultimately, this allows you to share the real value of your message without confusing your prospects with an overload of information.
  3. Simple Forms – Simplified forms on your website will also improve performance. Because most people dread completing forms, make those on your site short and simplistic. Also, limit the number of required fields, make error messages clear, create a vertical, single-column form for easy maneuverability, and use predictive text and auto-filling that eliminates manual work.
  4. Calls to Action – An efficient call to action will also enhance your site’s performance. Provide prospects with a clear message regarding what to do and what to expect after following through on the call to action.
  5. Improve Site Speed – The load speed of your site has a direct impact on its performance. While you still need to focus on mobile users, do not overlook those who rely on computers. Make sure that your site loads quickly and seamlessly for everyone.

At MacRAE Marketing, we offer excellent SEO services that will dramatically improve the performance of your website. For details on what we provide, please visit our website or call us today.