How to Avoid the Biggest Errors Most 3PL Companies Make

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January 19, 2021 Digital Marketing

3PL, also known as third party logistics, has the potential for incredible profit and offers grand benefits to suppliers. If you are in the 3PL business, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders to meet the needs of your suppliers and their customers. For example, 3PL companies in the shipping industry are trusted to deliver products to an end-consumer. If that need is not met, it could mean irreparable damages to your 3PL business and reputation. Fortunately, there are simple steps a third-party logistics company can take to enhance or resurrect the business's rank in status. One of these steps is to activate solid digital marketing for logistics companies that will highlight the integrity and build trust in services rendered.

Unique Obstacles and Solutions for 3PL Companies

Being a 3PL provider presents certain challenges that are unique to your industry. Avoiding costly mistakes can salvage your business and also save your good name so you can retain integrity for the long-haul ahead. Here are a few tips to ensuring your 3PL business stays well-managed and out of danger in the face of common obstacles and challenges.

You Cannot Be Everything to Everyone: One of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to digital marketing for transportation is trying to please all needs. A 3PL company is far better served focusing on niche offerings that appeal to a certain customer base. Instead of offering all types of transportation services to your clients, consider narrowing in on specific client needs. For instance, if your specialty is delivering produce from farm-to-market, then keep to that area of expertise. If you branch out delivering cinder blocks to construction sites, while your strengths are in appeasing farmers and their customers, you might find your resources overwhelmed or ill-equipped to handle these different areas of business. This is not to say you can't expand your 3PL in the future, but when you are starting, it is best to focus your marketing efforts on what you do best.

Utilize SEO for Logistics: Companies in your line of business require a unique spin on digital positioning. Rather than blindly toss every kind of service available online in hopes to catch your ideal client, it's more effective to focus your SEO towards your niche area of expertise to snag that perfect fitting clientele. We already identified the dangers of being everything to everyone...but how can you know who your ideal client is? This entails deep research and gaining a firm understanding of your potential client's needs and expectations. That's where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. Targeted SEO results can yield eye-opening statistics that can clarify the needs of your customers and allow you to deliver the service they depend upon from you.

When you retain the services of an expert SEO company like MacRAE'S, you are investing in the future success of your 3PL endeavors. Why? Because our insightful analytics can drill down the core needs of your demographic, and leverage that information to your end-goal success. Digital marketing for transportation and other types of 3PL services can render revolutionary analytics that helps focus your business goals that render impressive results for your business.

Focus on Remarkability Rather Than Marketability: When it comes to digital marketing for logistics companies, this tip might seem awkward. But the fact is, your 3PL is in high competition with other businesses offering pretty much the same services you are. The key to your ultimate success is to emphasize how you differentiate your services from your competitors. That is where digital marketing for transportation and SEO for logistics companies can win you the advantage over others. A savvy strategy that focuses upon your 3PL's remarkable services can win the war over your rivals and gain you the attention your logistics company deserves.

When it comes to marketing your business, it is vital that you focus on your assets, integrity, and specializations. You must concede that everyone is trying to outbid or overtake your potential clients. As this is the case, you should consider presenting your online offerings in a way that accentuates your extraordinary skills and abilities to uniquely fulfill your client's needs. Stand out. Be bold. Underscore your achievements within your niche. These are winning tactics that can set you apart from your 3PL competitors.

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