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Why Do You Need Digital Marketing for Transportation and Logistics Industry

In a global pandemic there were many new businesses and professions that earned a place on the list of “essential services”. One of the most important industries given that tag was the logistics and transportation industry, which helped keep vital consumer goods flowing to help mitigate fears across North America.

While demand for such services were high, it was still important for these trucking, third-party logistics and other transportation companies to continue to market their services. MacRAE’S has developed a strong reputation for successful digital marketing for transportation.


Logistics companies have not always been savvy when it comes to digital marketing. This is an industry that is often relationship-based when it comes to selling services and establishing brand dominance in the sector. MacRAE’S understands that digital marketing for logistics companies is vital, especially given the fact that online companies like Amazon rely heavily on the logistics industry to deliver their products. MacRAE’S has enjoyed great success in optimizing the websites of trucking and logistics companies, employing strong keyword strategies and SEO best practices to ensure their clients’ websites rank high on search engines. Developing higher traffic means more eyes on your website, which should convert to more paid clients. Generating that improved online digital presence is the primary goal for the team at MacRAE’S.


Standing above the crowd in a highly competitive market can be a challenge. Investing thousands – or potentially millions – in marketing and advertising can have an impact, but it is not sustainable. Digital marketing for transportation companies takes focused strategy based on a solid plan. MacRAE’S works with clients to fully analyze the needs and objectives of both the company and the company’s website. Then set to task developing a customized marketing plan incorporating SEO and the very best strategies for digital marketing for logistics companies.

Your potential customers online demand speed and connectivity when reaching out to your business. Your marketing may be targeting businesses, but it could also be aimed at drivers and potential employees. Logistics companies often develop a network of carriers to help ensure they can deliver on their 3PL services. As a result, your website needs to have great content, but it must also be fully optimized for success. Google’s ever-changing algorithms make marketing a moving target. Let MacRAE’S help you take aim and increase your online traffic. Here are a few examples of the companies whose websites we have optimized for SEO success:

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