Common Misunderstandings About SERP Features

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May 24, 2021 SEO

Google has a number Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features that many business owners and even SEO experts aren’t familiar with. These features can greatly help you understand how your page ranks where it does and give you ideas for helping increase this ranking and help entice visitors to your page. Here are some common misunderstandings that you may have about SERP if you’re not working with a great digital marketing agency in Mississauga .

A Webpage’s Structured Data Is the Bases for Being Listed as a Featured Snippet

Many people assume that a webpage’s structured data or schema is what Google uses to determine if a page should be listed as a featured snippet. However, that’s not the case. While the content’s structure can play a small part in how the snippet is generated, it isn’t the deciding factor for inclusion in an SERP’s featured snippet area. While there are various factors that do determine where a page ranks and if it’s featured, structured data isn’t one of them.

You Can Have Too Much Structured Data

While you can certainly include too little structured data on a page, Google does not penalize webpages that include a large amount of this type of data. While you may find that you don’t need to spend a lot of time creating large amounts of structured data for a webpage, you should make use a valid schema that offers Google all of the information it needs to rank your site.

While there’s no ranking factor connected to using structured data on a webpage, this type of information can be used to signal what content is relevant to a search engine. Structured data can be complex, which is why working with digital marketing services in Mississauga is a good solution for those who aren’t comfortable dealing with this level of technical details.

There Is No Limit to the Number of FAQ Results that Can Appear on a SERP

While many people may believe this to be true, it isn’t. Google limited the number of FAQ results, including How-To results, to three for the first results page. While it is true that Google has no limit to some types of results, it’s not for FAQs or How-To schema.

Misunderstanding What Causes the Yellow Highlight to Appear

When you click on a Featured Snippet, instead of opening to the top of the webpage, it may automatically jump to a specific point on the page and highlight certain text in yellow. This text is typically an answer to the question you searched for or connected to it in some way. What causes Google to do this? There are a lot of misunderstandings about it, but the yellow highlight appears in only two conditions: The user is using Chrome or the page uses Accelerated Mobile Pages.

There are just a few of the misunderstandings about SERPs. Many users and even some experts at digital marketing companies in Mississauga don’t fully understand the elements on a Google page result, but MacRAE’S does. We’ll help you with any questions you may have and assist you in boosting your SEO results and conversions.