How Entity Based SEO is Changing Digital Optimization

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May 20, 2021 SEO

Unless you closely follow the changes in the SEO world, you may not be familiar with entity-based SEO. The term is typically used to differentiate modern SEO from older SEO techniques that were completely focused on keywords. Today’s SEO does include keywords, of course, but it also focuses on snippets and other forms of content. Concepts and ideas are now grouped into entities, and it’s these entities that a good search engine optimization company is able to utilize to get good page rankings on Google.

Entities Defined

Entities are more than just keywords or any single item. Instead, they make use of the context surrounding information to help people find what they want. People do search by keywords, of course, but they typically have a specific intent behind the words they use. Someone who searches for flowers may be looking for a florist, but they could also be seeking information on the meaning of specific flowers, how to care for flowers, and much more. This is why Google can’t simply look for the word “flower” on a webpage. It needs to examine the context of the word to see if the user would really find it helpful.

It’s not just text around a keyword. It can include images, names, places, businesses, and even abstract ideas and concepts. Colors and size play a part in defining an entity, too. A logo is a great example of an entity. People immediately know the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s golden arches. Google can use entities to help determine the context of a keyword, allowing it to better match searches to webpages.

How Entity-Based SEO Affects Businesses

Of course, while using context can help search engines return better results, it also has an effect on businesses, local SEO services, and other content creators. You’ll need to change your SEO strategy to make certain it encompasses entities.

There are a few ways you can do this. First, you can focus on building a brand. As Google comes to understand your brand, it will make connections between your brand name, logo, and other information and specific keywords. This will help you rank higher in searches and make your brand more recognizable.

Business directories and other relevant listings also help. If you are listed on Yelp, you not only receive a backlink from Yelp to your website, but your website is classified within a specific category. Google can use this category to tell if your website is a good match for a result.

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