Trends in 2017 that Relate to Digital Marketing

March 27, 2017 Digital Marketing

As the beginning of second quarter of 2017 fast approaches, you need to update your digital marketing strategy before any more time passes. Although you might be qualified to make a few of the modifications on your own, to leave a stronger digital footprint, it is always best to work with a professional digital marketing agency in Toronto.

For 2017, as with every year prior, new trends in digital marketing emerge. To achieve greater success, a reputable internet marketing company in Toronto can implement the most effective trends into your overall marketing strategy.

  • Video Ads – This year, video ads are becoming more common on YouTube and Facebook. In fact, Google is getting in on the action with the introduction of in-SERP video advertising. Digital marketing is going through dramatic changes, which makes expert services for SEO in Toronto more important than ever. Rather than struggle with video ads, you can turn to a trusted SEO company in Toronto to guide the way.
  • Live Video – Live video is another trend in 2017 going through significant change. Initially, Meerkat is believed to have introduced live video, but soon after, others followed, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. In fact, these four social media platforms have taken live video to new heights. However, even more change is expected in the way of product placement and sponsorships, as they become a standard feature of live videos.
  • Social Conversions – Social conversion is among the various things that are expected to have a big impact on internet marketing in Toronto. Experts anticipate that social media will soon provide even more tools than are currently available, but also increase in serving as conversion channels whereby prospects are converted into customers.
  • Search Engine Algorithms – Although it is common to see changes made to search engine algorithms, the wealth of information added daily to the online world is expected to push changes further in 2017. Search engine algorithms will continue to prioritize content, giving higher ranking to those that offer original information. Therefore, content on your website needs to be even richer in terms or originality and usefulness.
  • Quality Content – It is critical that you work with a top SEO company in Canada. With experience and expertise, the company can ensure that your brand remains highly visible during times of changing digital marketing trends. This is accomplished by implementing unique and high-quality content on your website. Even as content marketing becomes more competitive, the overall level of quality remains vital to the success of any marketing campaign.

The bottom line is that you need to work with a trusted SEO source to stay ahead of the curve. MacRAE’S provides many different SEO solutions for your specific needs and goals.

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