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July 20, 2022 Web Design & Development

When looking to develop an online presence, it is important to choose an appropriate domain name. The domain is what customers type in their browser to bring up your company’s website. It is important to choose one that is not only descriptive, but easy to remember. There is nothing worse than someone looking for your company and typing in the wrong web address. That is an easy way to not only lose customers but also potential revenue. So, how does one go about choosing the right address? Thankfully, that part is not as hard as it might seem.

A Web development services company, like MacRAE’S, can help to develop a cutting-edge website and create a domain name that can address all of those issues. There are also various domain name searching tools to help refine the naming process.

Domain Name Pitfalls

While choosing the best domain name for your company is vital to driving customers to your website, there are other issues too. An important issue to address is whether the domain name you have chosen has been registered or not. Nothing worse than brainstorming over a domain name only to find out another company has already registered it.

Early in the evolution of the Internet, registering domain names became a business proposition. People would register names of businesses and even celebrities. Toyota had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain the rights to use toyota. Even though it was their company name, someone had already registered it. Madonna had to do the same thing when someone had registered madonna before she could. At the time, registering a domain cost just a few dollars a year. The idea was to register names and then resell them for big profits. Madonna had to pay more than $200,000.00 for the rights to her domain.

Domain Name Searching Tools

To avoid choosing a name that has already been registered, there are online tools which can help. They also offer suggestions to keep the domain name short. The top eight are listed below:

  • Domainr
  • Dot-o-mater
  • ButstAName
  • Domain Tools
  • Domize
  • DomainsBot
  • NameBoy
  • dyyo

These online tools can advise users the ‘readability’ of the domain name. They can also offer suggestions based upon the description of the type of website you want to register. Some ask for a primary and secondary word and then provide suggestions based on the inputted information.

Whether you are new to the domain name game or a wily veteran, these tools can help refine your domain name list. There are also other options. MacRAE’S, a website development company, can over a full spectrum of web development services. We can get your website noticed. We are MacRAE’S. Contact us today.

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