The Accuracy of Google Search Console’s Positioning Metric

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May 7, 2021 Digital Marketing

How accurate is Google’s positioning metric? If you rely on their Search Console reports, you want to know that the data they’re giving you is accurate. That’s why Google’s team periodically does interviews and releases statements addresses questions like this. Their Ask Googlebot series of videos that they upload to YouTube recently featured John Mueller, and he looked at the accuracy of their positioning metrics. If you’re not working with a digital marketing agency in Mississauga, you may not understand just how important accuracy is here.

The Metrics Come from Actual Data

First, Mueller took the time to point out that the Position Metrics aren’t guesswork. They are fully based on actual data gathered from real search results. All of the information comes from searches users entered into Google. This data is used to determine the average top position of your website. When several URLs from the same website are return in a search, the one that ranks the highest is used in the calculations. What this means is that if a search returns your pages as result #2 and result #5, the analytics will use your second-slot result when calculating your average position.

It’s also important to understand that this reported position may not necessary be what websites owners or SEO companies in Mississauga see on their own statistics. That’s because there are other factors that can influence these numbers, such as geo-targeting and personalized search results. If the numbers you see don’t match what Google is showing, don’t assume one or the other is wrong. They may simply be using different data.

Image Search Results Are Also Included

Another factor that these metrics take into consideration is where a URL ranks in a Google Image Search. These results may appear within a standard Google search. Where your page ranks in an image search does play a part in your average position. If you find that a webpage seems to be performing better than you expected, it could be due to image search results.

Google Has Provided a Help Page

If you’re in need of more information on how Google is determining your pages average positions, you can check out the help page they have created. It walks you through how the average ranking is determined and provides a good amount of information.

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