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February 16, 2021 SEO

When you combine SEO and the user experience or UX together, you can create a website that will meet all of your objectives, including your sales expectations. This is why it’s vital that you work with an experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Mississauga. Without the help of an expert, you may find that your SEO or your UX simply isn’t up to par, and that can leave you without one half of this very important combination. How do these two elements of a website come together to achieve you goals?

The Two Elements Can Be at Odds with Each Other

One of the issues many website owners face is that SEO and UX can be at odds with each other. SEO is aimed at Google and other search engines. The goal of great SEO is to match the site’s keywords, meta-data, and content with what users are looking for. Years ago, SEO was prioritized over UX. This led to sites that were so full of keywords that they were essentially unusable or uninformative.

On the other hand, UX prioritizes the user’s experience and focuses on providing them with the information they’re looking for. It includes everything from the color scheme to the site’s navigation. A great UX is intuitive but also, in many ways, invisible. The user doesn’t think about their experience because it’s smooth. Unfortunately, a great UX may not necessarily include much SEO, which means that this amazing website isn’t found by many users.

UX Includes Accessibility

It’s important to note that UX also means creating a website that is accessible by everyone. This means carefully considering who your user is and what may prevent them from a full, immersive experience on your website. For example, someone who is color blind may have difficulty navigating your site if color plays a large part in site navigation. Can your site content be read aloud by a navigation aid for those who cannot see? Good Digital Marketing Services in Toronto will consider all of these points and help you make your website accessible.

Bringing it all Together

The key to a great website is to combine SEO with a smooth, accessible UX. Content is absolutely vital to your human visitors, and they’re the ones who will ultimately make the decision to buy your products or engage your services. However, if they can’t get to your page, they never have the chance, which is why SEO is just as important. Finding the right balancing act between the two is one of the things MacRAE’S has perfected over the years. As the premiere Digital Marketing Company in Mississauga, we bring our years of experience to work for you.

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