Optimized META Elements Help Organic Traffic

February 6, 2017 SEO

The great thing about using professional SEO services is all of the solutions that you have at your disposal for boosting organic traffic. For example, an SEO expert can optimize various META elements, thereby increasing your site’s organic traffic. Although this strategy has been around for a long time, the right organic SEO company has the capability of utilizing it to its fullest potential.

With the right search engine optimization services, you could experience a 70 percent jump in organic search engine visits. Along with that, achieving 80 percent more new visitors to your site is achievable, as well as over 400 percent more viable conversions. Optimizing META tags can accomplish all of that and more.

One option includes creating a comprehensive list of keywords that people who want to purchase your product or service use when conducting an online search. Not only can you use those keywords for optimizing META tags, but you can also utilize them at some point in the future for re-optimization purposes.

Another way to optimize your META tags is by defining the title in an online document. Although all on-page elements have value, the title META tag is one of the most essential. Not only does this show up in search engine results, but it also appears on different social media websites and even browsers. Therefore, optimizing the title META tag has a significant impact on the volume of organic traffic to your site.

An expert will also optimize the META description. Used to provide online users with a brief overview of your website, this description appears in search engine page results just like the title META tag. Unfortunately, many people who optimize their sites look past the META description, which is a big mistake. For Google, this does not affect ranking, but it does impact click-throughs from page results.

For optimal results, the META description should never be more than 160 characters. Also, it needs to be 926 pixels wide or less. As a result, Google and other search engines can display the full description, making it more impactful. After creating the META tag, an expert will use the primary keywords in the META description tag as a way of summarizing your page’s content.

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