New Reporting Features on Google My Business – How People Found You!

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March 18, 2021 SEO

Google My Business has recently added a new feature to their reporting options. Your new insights report will now not only show you who visited your profile but also how they found the listing. You’ll be able to see if they found you via Search or Maps and whether they viewed your business listing on mobile or desktop. For a search engine optimization company, this information can be used in many different ways.

Viewing the Report

To find your Google My Business insights report, you simply log into your account and click on Insights. This will give you a number of options that includes your performance reports. Here, you’ll be able to view many different statistics, including the new section that details how people found your business.

This information is presented in both text and graphic format. The graph is a standard circle graph that’s color-coded. It shows the percentage of Google Search results from both desktop and mobile and the percentages of Google Maps results, again from both desktop and mobile. The text reflects these percentages plus gives you the actual number of searches or map views.

Google has updated their help documentation to provide assistance with viewing and understanding this new information. This updated information answers many of the common questions Google has received about the new report.

Important Things to Know About these New Stats

Google has noted that there are a couple of caveats to keep in mid about these new states. First, the report is based on unique users, not the total number of views. This means if one user views your listing three times, it still only counts as one. This distinction is important for local SEO services and your overall SEO plan. However, users may be counted multiple times if they visit your profile on different devices. For example, a user who views your profile on their desktop and then views it later on their mobile device would count as two views.

Second, the report only uses data from those who viewed your business profile, not the overall number of people who looked at your business. Because of this, it’s important that you do not base your online marketing campaign solely on this report.

Why is this Information Important?

This data gives you and the company you’ve partnered with for SEO services in Toronto more insight into who is visiting your Google Business profile and they’re finding it. The more information you have, the better your overall SEO campaign can be. When you work with MacRAE’S, you want us to have as much data as possible to use when determining Google Ad campaigns and other marketing plans. This allows us to carefully target customers and increase your conversion rate. If you’re ready to boost your online sales, contact us today to discuss how MacRAE’S can help.

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