Is PPC Automation Right for Your Business?

February 12, 2017 PPC Management

Before you decide whether pay-per-click (PPC) automation can help with your search engine marketing efforts, you have to first examine what is it. PPC automation is touted to aid in your marketing efforts by using algorithms instead of a human to make important decisions.

But while that may sound favourable, it’s won’t necessarily produce the best results for your company. Automated bidding has two goals: to save you time, and to maximize clicks on your ad. However, there’s an inherent issue with the latter point – although your ad may get more clicks through automation (costing you money for each click), it might not be reaching the right people – therefore your conversion rate can suffer.

Having a search engine marketing company on your side that knows the ins and outs of PPC advertising can be to your advantage. Let’s take a closer look at both approaches…

Manual Vs. Automated Bidding

There are several tools out there that can help automate your PPC campaigns, and that includes bidding for prime real estate on websites.

With an automated bid, you can set the maximum you want to spend for your ad group and let the algorithm do the rest. While it can be effective, it also means you’re not always spending based on performance. The algorithm’s job is to get the most clicks based on the bid amounts you’ve set, and it will likely achieve that – but Adwords management services can monitor the campaign closely and adjust spending to maximize your conversion and ROI.

Automated Keyword Research

Automation can help target broad search terms that people often use when buying from your business type. However, with automated campaigns, you might be bidding against businesses that are not even in the same sector as you are, but share some of the same keywords. By availing search engine marketing services, you can use unique terms to better target your ideal customer.

By using Adwords management services, you can set the keywords and change them as needed based on sales performance, rather than blindly fishing for clicks. With manual bidding you can set the maximum cost per bid for all of the keywords as a group, or place more attention on the keywords that are converting the best. Also, the most relevant keywords can change, and it pays to keep on top of that.


While automated PPC campaigns can give you some success, there’s nothing quite like having a search engine marketing company on your side that can work within your budget to turn more clicks into actual sales, which is the ultimate goal.

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