Instagram’s Shopify Turns Posts into Conversions

February 9, 2018 Digital Marketing

Recently, Shopify introduced a test version of “Shopping on Instagram,” making it possible for some merchants to turn posts into conversions. The thousands of merchants participating in the beta version of this app have the unique opportunity of experiencing a more successful holiday season. Although the roll-out is currently limited, once the app becomes available to everyone, you should implement it as part of your overall marketing campaign. With a qualified SEO service in Toronto, you too will get to enjoy all of the benefits.

The invited group of select merchants involved with the testing of this app can create sales posts for anyone who connects to their Instagram account via the Shopify catalog. With this Instagram program, merchants tag posts along with products. In response, users who see the tags have the option of tapping on them to review the details about products or to make a purchase.

That alone is a massive benefit of Shopify, but there are others. For instance, it takes only a few simple steps for buyers to complete a transaction. With the help of an expert who provides excellent SEO services in Ontario, both merchants and their customers can enjoy a streamlined buying process.

The limited testing period for Shopping on Instagram will continue through the end of 2017. While other merchants outside of testing want this app rolled out quicker, the advantage is that during the beta phase, the creators can gather a lot of information and gain insight into the app’s full potential. That way, when the full roll-out occurs, all merchants will enjoy a refined product.

As stated by a representative of Shopify, it will not be long before a broader launch of the app rolls out. However, to ensure optimal performance on a grander scale, it is essential to perform more analysis and testing. At this time, the merchants involved with the trial of this Instagram app have provided nothing but positive feedback.

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