Increase Marketing ROI with a Stronger Social Media Presence

June 13, 2017 Digital Marketing

In today’s competitive online world, it is important that you take full advantage of social media as part of your overall marketing campaign. To get things started and ultimately see an increase in marketing ROI, you need to work closely with a professional internet marketing agency.

Live Video Content

Although an internet marketing firm focuses efforts in multiple areas, the implementation of live video content has become a major focus. Keep in mind that while this type of content may not be new, it is bigger this year than ever before. Specific to live streaming sites, Periscope and Facebook rank as two of the most popular. However, other social media sites have recently jumped on the bandwagon, including Instagram and Twitter, two of the most popular.

Live streaming video is definitely something that you should consider incorporating into your marketing strategy, but first, you need to understand where your target audience spends the majority of its time on social media. This will help to focus the efforts for your online business in the right direction.

For a targeted audience that is unable to attend a special event in person, live streaming makes perfect sense. However, live content is beneficial in several other ways. As an example, you can use a live video to stream a question and answer session for your customers. Regardless of how it is used, live content will accomplish two primary goals. First, it will help promote engagement, and second, it will prompt your audience to ask questions. Of course, this is also an excellent medium for submitting comments and feedback.

Messaging Apps

Internet marketing services are also beneficial in relation to messaging apps. You can see just how critical this is by looking at Facebook Messenger. What started out as a simple app has now become a top choice for messaging all over the world. Strong communication is essential for achieving success and thanks to messaging apps, you have the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with your customers while on the go.

As these tools continue to evolve and expand, some experts believe they could soon change the entire customer service landscape. After all, messaging apps make it extremely easy to provide quick answers to customers’ questions. Instead of waiting on hold or for a company representative to call a customer back, communication with messaging apps is quick and efficient. There are two additional benefits in that messaging apps are scalable and cost-effective.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, which was initially designed to enhance a gamer’s experience, has now become an essential tool for online marketing. By working with a reputable SEO company in Toronto, virtual reality will help you better engage with your audience. This technology provides an experience that is not only unique, but memorable and immersive. As audiences demand more and more video content, virtual reality becomes increasingly more critical.

The Bottom Line

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