How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Logistics Companies

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May 5, 2021 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be effective for companies in any industry. While most companies use digital marketing tools such as social media to connect to individuals, they are also useful for those who focus on business-to-business sales. Logistics companies, for example, need to look at what digital marketing can do to build their customer base. Here are some tips for digital marketing for logistics companies that can help you grow your company.

Start with a Website

If you don’t have a website, you’re going without one of the most informative and helpful tools you can have. Websites do more than just get people to buy something or bring them to your door. They provide information to current and potential customers while also letting you show a little of who you are. You can share photos, videos, blog posts, and any other information you want. This content helps visitors see the value in being your customer.

Email Marketing Is Still Effective

While it’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing for transportation companies and other businesses, email marketing is still quite effective today. You can collect the emails from your B2B clients and communicate with them regularly. Email marketing can be very focused—you can segment your email list into various groups based on location, interest, type of logistics needed, and any other factor. This lets you very specifically target certain customers with information and services that they are likely to need.

Improve Your SEO

SEO is how search engines find your website and your other online content. If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t include an SEO strategy, you will likely find that you get far less traffic than you were expecting. Even if you’ve implemented SEO in the past, you may find that the strategies used are no longer the best ones. This is where MacRAE’S can assist you. We have years of experience in SEO for logistics companies, and we’ll help you determine the right keywords and strategies to use.

Ask for Customer Reviews and Feedback

Many people now go online to look for customer feedback and reviews before they even reach out to a business to discuss their products and services. Other business owners are no exception to this. In fact, business owners often put more emphasis on reviews because partnering with the wrong B2B company can have a major impact on their profit margins. You want to encourage your customers to leave feedback and reviews. If you receive a negative review, don’t pretend it doesn’t exist or try to have it removed. Instead, if the review site allows you to respond, leave a thorough reply outlining the situation as you saw it and directly address the concerns the review raised. How you react to negative criticism can have just as much of an impact as positive reviews.

These are just a few ways of developing a digital marketing strategy. Again, MacRAE’S is here to help you in whatever way we can. Contact us today to get the process started.

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