Google Search Console Update: Removing Generic Rich Results Filter

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June 7, 2021 Digital Marketing

In a recent announcement, Google stated that they are removing the generic rich result filter section in the search console performance report. Due to this, people will not be able to see how their rich results are performing. Rich results were used to highlight information to help search engines accurately know a search page's purpose. This allowed for more relevant results for people on the internet. Even with the removal of the generic rich filter, users should develop an SEO marketing plan to rank higher on google and improve visibility. Website and business owners can invest in digital marketing services in Toronto to ensure company growth.

Why is the Generic Rich Filter Being Removed?

The removal of this filter is due to Google having other breakout filters and reports that overall does not lead to a reporting loss. Since Google reports on individual rich results, the generic rich results filter was deemed not important. The filter was overall not useful for users. People can expect this filter to leave Google on August 1. Users will instead be able to see specific rich results under the search appearance bar.

No Major Changes

Despite the removal of the generic rich filter, Google reported that there is no heavy impact on traffic or rankings. Therefore, users can expect continued traffic and rankings as they are.

More Advancements

Google is not stopping its continued technological advancements. The company will continue to advance its platform by adding more rich results and reporting in the search console. Google plans to keep investing in adding more rich results to the console for users to benefit from and have insight into their stats.

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