Google Search Console Improves Negative Matching Options

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June 10, 2021 SEO

Earlier this year, Google had a few updates, including the addition of a regular expression (regex) filtering support. This resulted in Google only allowing to filter on positive matches, and not negative matches. Recently, Google changed this and announced that negative matching options are now available to filter. When it comes to matching options, filtering out pages is important for marketers. When using the new regex in the search console, keywords are vital. Working with a search engine optimization (SEO) company can assist in optimizing marketing.

Using Regex

Regex is referenced to a character that correlates to a search pattern. Regex can be beneficial to create filters that can include or exclude certain words. When it comes to people finding certain company websites, business owners can include multiple variants of their company name on regex, so that even if it is misspelled, people can find their page. Regex provides information about the different queries that are being used and what website section is gaining more traffic.

Analyze Data

Using regex that aims to focus on certain areas of the website can assist in business owners knowing what common queries are. Regex can also be beneficial to determine what queries people use to find different parts of a website.

Improve Your Marketing

When you pay attention to reflex and use it properly, you will increase your SEO rankings. More people will be able to view your business, and your site will gain more authority. Efficient SEO services can help provide more traffic to your website and can overall draw more people in. Efficiently using regex and SEO can decrease the reliability of paid ads.

Working with Professionals

When it comes to understanding regex and customer patterns, it can be tricky. Working with quality SEO companies in Mississauga and surrounding areas can assist with regex and understanding your audience. SEO services understand the ins and outs on Google search console and work efficiently to search for common patterns to create filters.

Boost Your Online Presence

How your business appears in search engine results is imperative. This can make a huge difference in potential customers choosing between you or your competition. At MacRAE’S, we offer SEO services in Toronto, Mississaugua, and surrounding areas. We are a trusted SEO company that assists in boosting business visibility when people are looking for services online. Another service we offer is local SEO services. These SEO services help companies rank higher in search engines locally. At MacRAE’S, we will also analyze your website and determine the information that can assist in reaching more people. We are a highly efficient SEO company and know how to properly analyze web traffic.