Building Your Brand with These Six Proven Methods

March 16, 2017 Business

Building your brand online accomplishes several objectives. For one thing, it positions your brand as being an authority, which helps you earn people’s trust. In addition, when branding is done correctly, it drives more viable customers to your site, which in turn bolsters company revenue. It is essential that you work with a reputable SEO agency in building your brand. However, there are some strategies that you can implement as well, including those provided.

1. Optimized Content – Achieving authority status for your brand requires optimized content, which includes the use of appropriate keywords. Not only will existing and potential customers enjoying the content themselves, they will be willing to share it. To enhance your brand’s visibility and extend its reach, premium SEO marketing strategies are imperative. This includes standard keywords, informational keywords such as “How to”, and long-tail keywords, which are longer phrases that emphasize what your brand is all about.

2. Guest Blogging – Posting blogs on another website as a guest is yet another way to build both brand presence and brand authority. With this, you need to identify blogs with the same targeted audience. That way, your blog is read by people who have an interest in the relayed message. In addition to the initial benefit of providing readers with useful information, your guest blog can drive more traffic to your website, increase social media shares, and generate additional comments.

3. Others’ Blog Comments – You will reap benefits by commenting on blogs written on other websites as well. Rather than link-building, the goal is to subscribe to several of the top blogs within your industry or niche, and then provide valuable comments. By reading the post in its entirety and prior comments left by others, you have the opportunity to leave your own comment in a way that triggers interest.

4. Promote Profiles on Social Media – Instead of forcing people to search for your profiles on various social media sites, incorporate social icons into the header, footer, and sidebar of your website. It is just as important to add links to social media sites in all of your communications, whether instant messages, emails, newsletters, and so on. Be sure to match your social profile to your brand name for all of the different social media platforms used, thereby making it search-friendly. This will help your brand show up in search results.

5. Better Engagement – For better branding, you need to engage with fans, followers, and subscribers often and on a consistent basis. In exchange for your audience feeling valued, they will gladly share your brand, thereby expanding your reach.

6. Hosted Webinars – To build a stronger brand, do not overlook the importance of hosted webinars. While this helps in presenting your brand’s expertise, it is also an excellent alternative to the more traditional content associated with SEO services. Because people can listen to hosted webinars while on the go, it has a unique reach compared to written content.

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