6 Common Web Design Errors to Avoid

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September 15, 2021 Content Marketing

When it comes to website design, being artistic is ideal to captivate a target audience. However, having too many features on a website can look messy and overall organized. With more businesses taking their services online, they will find themselves in need of a website design company. Web design services can assist in creating a professional website that achieves a targeted goal. Without professional services, businesses can find themselves struggling to create an organized site. Website designs that are poorly put together can result in a decreased number of visitors. To avoid spending days to months on website design and risk losing the interest of potential clients, businesses should turn to a website design agency such as MacRAE'S to assist with creating the perfect website. Here are a few struggles companies can come across:

Hard to Read Content

Creating comprehensible content should be the number one goal of every business designing a website. When businesses choose a bad font size and style, along with unorganized formats and spacing, content can appear scattered and unreadable. While it is tempting to pick different types of fonts, it is best to stick to the simpler styles to avoid potential clients being unable to read what appears on the page. Outlining work in an organized manner can also make the content more readable. Businesses should focus on making content easy to read. Getting second opinions can verify the content is easy to access and read.

Low Media Quality

While creating an online presence, imagery is an important aspect. Photos and videos must be high-quality. Media that is low-quality can create an unappealing website that audience members will not enjoy. The visual representation of a website can determine if a potential customer will stay to see what services are provided. Photos such as stock images should also be avoided as they can make a webpage look unrealistic.

No Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is an important aspect of a website. These are marketing strategies where immediate action by potential customers is urged. A call-to-action generates more interaction that can lead to an increase in sales. When a website lacks a call-to-action, the design of a website decreases the possibility of gaining customers.

Unorganized Pages

When pages are inconsistent in color, have poor media quality, and are unreadable, visitors will quickly leave a page. Unfortunately, unorganized and cluttered pages can be associated with scams and unreliable websites. A website design company can assist with retaining potential customers.

Broken Links

Another issue with websites can be broken links. Broken links make web pages seem unreliable and can result in potential customers not receiving the information they are searching for.

Unoptimized Mobile Site

It is no secret that an increase of people uses mobile devices when searching for information. When creating a site, it should be able to fit all screen sizes.

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