5 Website Design Tips to Boost Conversion Rates

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May 14, 2021 Web Design & Development

Boosting your conversion rate is vital if you want to increase your online revenue and grow your business. While your current customers may continue to buy from you, you can’t count on them to spend more and more money. Instead, you need to convert new visitors to your website into paying customers. Here are some website design tricks you can use to help boost your conversion rate. Here are a few of these tips an experienced WordPress website development company like MacRAE’S uses.

Carefully Place your Call to Action

Your call to action is a key component of your landing page. It’s what you want the visitor to do. However, if they don’t see the call to action, they can’t complete it. You need to place your CTA somewhere that the visitor will notice it and understand that it’s what you’re asking them to do. One test few web development services do is test the position of the CTA. Try moving it around, changing the font, the color, the size, etc.

Be Careful Your Graphic CTAs Don’t Look Like Ads

Many people create graphic CTAs that combine images, text, and even animation to grab the visitor’s attention. However, these calls can look very similar to ads, and many users have developed a type of blindness to such visuals. They skim right over them because they typically ignore ads, so if your CTA looks like one, they won’t notice it. While it’s true that visual CTAs are effective, you don’t want to risk visitors overlooking yours. Be sure your graphic CTAs are distinct, and limit ads on pages so visitors don’t confuse the two.

Include a CTA as Anchor Text in Blogs and Other Articles

Skimming over graphic CTAs is why it’s also important to include a text CTA. Many businesses have begun dropping text links towards the ends of their blogs and other content. Put these anchor text CTAs in a heading 3 or heading 4 so they stand out from the rest of your content and see how they affect your conversion rate. Many have found that they actually bring in more new customers than graphic CTAs.

Let Social Media Generate Leads

Social media can help you generate leads, but you do need to use it strategically. Link to new content, and you may even want to directly link to products or landing pages that you know have a good history of converting. Be certain the text makes it clear what action you want users to take when they visit your website, though.

Properly Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can be annoying, and many people do hate them. However, if used very sparingly and carefully, they can be a tool to help increase your conversions. Pop-ups that offer the visitor something useful, such as a discount code or coupon, can get you more conversions than a basic pop-up. If you’re uncertain what the best way of using this tactic is, MacRAE’S can help. As an experienced website development company in Mississauga, we understand the best way of using pop-ups and other methods to improve your leads and increase your conversion rate.