5 Metrics You Should Be Tracking in Your Conversions

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April 6, 2021 SEO

You can track your conversion rate through many different metrics, but not all of those metrics are going to give you the insight you need to improve your CRO or address any issues you may be having. With so many metrics, it’s hard to tell which ones you and your local SEO services partner should focus on. Here are five metrics that you definitely need to track in order to fully understand what’s going on with your conversion rates.

Where Your Traffic Comes From

When people visit your website, where are they coming from? Are they typing in the URL of your site and going to it directly, or are they finding you through a search engine? Are they clicking on a link on your social media profiles? Knowing how people are getting to your website will let you see where you should focus your marketing and what forms of marketing are currently meeting your expectations.

The Cost of Each Customer

How much does it cost to get someone to your website and then get that person to make a purchase? If they’re coming from social media, the cost may be nothing, but if they’re coming from a paid ad, it could be fairly high. Determining what it takes to get someone to make a purchase from you is vital because it shows you your return on investment and if that return is actually worth it. If it’s not, you may want to contact a SEO agency in Toronto to help you boost your marketing and get your budget under control.

The Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate is how quickly a visitor comes to your website and then clicks off of it. These people don’t interact with your content or spend any money. The higher your bounce rate, the more likely it is that your website’s conversion methods aren’t working. It may also indicate that users are landing on the wrong pages.

What Are Your Exit Pages

A related metric has to do with exit pages, or the last page a user visited before leaving your website. Examining which pages these are and how often users leave your website from them can give you insight into where you’re dropping the ball. You can also combine this metric with your bound rate to see where you should focus your efforts.

How Often New Visitors Convert

Your new visitor conversion rate is a helpful metric for determining if you’re grabbing new visitor’s attention or not. If most of your conversions are returning customers, it shows that you’re not making the right impression on new visitors. Improving your landing pages and focusing on new customers can help grow your business.

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