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Real estate marketing has many streams, and it you don’t know how to maneuver them you could wind up drifting away from the direction in which you want your business to go. Done properly real estate marketing helps promote your brand as an agent or agency; it also helps secure new leads for buyers and sellers and showcases your listings on social media and websites. At MacRAE’S, we know the critical needs of the real estate market, which is why we specialize in SEO for real estate agents.

Since adding real estate digital marketing to our menu of marketing services several years ago, the team at MacRAE’S has earned a solid reputation for our success in optimizing the websites of realtors and brokerages. We continue to demonstrate the expertise in securing high keyword ranking on search engines and, in the process, helping to drive increased traffic to client websites. Increasing traffic means a greater number of new customers and better service for repeat customers. Our real estate digital marketing services can help do the same for whatever your goals are in the real estate industry.

Website optimization is critical for real estate agent and brokerages, as the market is highly competitive and there are multiple marketing strategies agents use to get an edge on their competition:

  • Writing an effective real estate blog
  • Utilizing elists for email marketing
  • Virtual staging to replace traditional open houses
  • Experiential marketing strategies
  • Hosting webinars

At the top of the list, however, is the website, and SEO for real estate agents is critical to ensure potential customers find you. Developing paid and organic digital advertising campaigns to promote your website is critical to drive traffic and help new customers and repeat business see what properties you have to offer. The very best real estate marketing helps bring greater awareness to your brand, driving buyer and seller leads and helping you increase your business volume.

By coming to us for real estate digital marketing services, you get the expertise of a team of marketing professionals who can help you reach your objectives. The team at MacRAE’S starts by analyzing your business, working with you to understand your goals. We then devise the customized, laser-focused strategies to help your business succeed. Driven by technology and innovative solutions, our experienced advertising team can improve your cost-for-lead results. Come see why successful real estate agents, teams and brokers use MacRAE’S to increase their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Real Estate business need SEO?
There’s a lot of competition in the real estate business, and if you want to reach potential clients outside of your social sphere, it’s important to be found online when people search for realtors. Search engine optimization promotes your business in a way that is specifically appealing to search engines so that when someone searches for ‘realtors near me’, you show up near the top of the list.
What kind of digital marketing does a real estate business need?
There are many aspects to digital marketing that a company like MacRAE’S can provide. There is the on-page optimization that incorporates keywords and strategies directly on your website, off-page activities that promote your business on third-party sites like directories, and technical optimization that involves auditing your website and solving any issues found from it. All three of these strategies work together to promote your website on search engines.
Is SEO different for realtors than other businesses?
SEO for realtors requires the same activities and strategies as other businesses, but with a much more local focus. Whereas some businesses are trying to be found across the country, realtors have a much smaller and clearer scope. For local SEO, being found on local business listings and search platforms becomes more important, and keywords with location-based terms are the basis of successfully marketing locally. Positive reviews signal to search engines that your business is one to recommend, and for B2C businesses, reviews play a big role in convincing customers you’re a trustworthy investment. So while the activities done to promote SEO are the same for realtors as they are for anyone, the activities are focused in a different way.
Do you have any special recommendations for real estate marketing?
Although the basis of our SEO programs remains the same regardless of industry, there are some recommendations that we make to real estate agents to give their website a competitive edge. The most technical suggestion is implementing virtual home staging on the website to replace the traditional open house model. Not only does this allow clients from out of town to view potential new homes, it also allows for safety in the post COVID-19 era. We also suggest client activities like hosting webinars and a dedicated email marketing campaign to keep clients up to date on new listings.

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