SEO For Manufacturing Companies

Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies build their reputations on the quality of the good they produce. Their expertise in their industry is what defines their success. At MacRAE’S, we’ve built our reputation on developing and implementing successful marketing plans incorporating SEO for manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing companies have some simple objectives when it comes to marketing:

Digital marketing for manufacturing companies, therefore, has to be designed with those objectives in mind. Doing digital marketing for manufacturers, especially SEO for companies in the manufacturing sector, has been our primary focus since MacRAE’S started over 20 years ago. The vast majority of our customers are manufacturing clients. We know how to develop the keyword strategies, the content marketing pieces and the big picture plans necessary for marketing to be successful. In the manufacturing industry, marketing isn’t about the flash – it’s about the substance. It’s a matrix of elements that touches pricing, product and sales. We recognize those facts, and work with our manufacturing clients to develop a holistic plan of attack beginning with exceptional SEO strategies.

Using the best marketing technology, we establish clear goals to ensure your marketing is maximizing effectiveness. We ensure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and implemented in a timely fashion to capitalize on opportunities. MacRAE’S works to ensure your target audience is finding you online by crafting well-researched SEO plans. No plan will work if you don’t create a marketing strategy around it, and our team of experts in SEO for manufacturing companies will help build those strategies.

Your manufacturing employees have skillsets that make them valuable assets to the production of your products and the success of your company. At MacRAE’S, our team also have unique skillsets in digital marketing that helps them deliver exceptional digital marketing results through the implementation of SEO plans. We can’t be successful if our manufacturing clients aren’t successful, which is why we work so closely with our clients. The manufacturing industry today is a challenging environment, and marketing has to be effective to justify budgets. MacRAE’S helps ensure your marketing budget is being allocated in a successful manger. Increased traffic to your website leads to increased sales of your product, and MacRAE’S can help you achieve both.

When it comes to digital marketing for manufacturing companies, think MacRAE’S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my manufacturing company need digital marketing?
The short answer, yes! All types of company should use digital marketing to increase their online presence, and manufacturing companies are no exception. Digital marketing services make sure that your website is optimized to be reaching as many potential customers as possible. It’s a long-term marketing strategy that is both more effective and cost-efficient than traditional methods of marketing. The best way to get found by new customers is online, so it’s important to get set up for success with a robust digital marketing strategy.
How can I market my manufacturing company online?
Effective digital marketing incorporates a number of different strategies to get your company found online. First is incorporating often searched relevant keywords into your webpage content and in the backend of your website. This lets the search engines know which phrases and searches you should be found for. Second is making regular content updates on your website, usually in the form of blogs, and activities on other external sites that may include micro-blogging, classified ads, and directory listings. The frequency and consistency of these activities tells search engines how high you want to be ranking on your keywords. Finally, there is technical work that search engines look at such as website speed, missing alt-tags, and other backend errors you might not even know exist. Does all this sound a bit overwhelming? That’s why professional digital marketing companies like MacRAE’S are here to handle the hard stuff while you focus on what’s really important, your business.
How do you choose SEO keywords?
First we take a look at what the most popular search phrases for your industry are. We search based on the locations you serve and the product/services you provide. Then we have a consultation with you where we go through the list marking whether the keywords are relevant or not. We work with you to curate a list of keywords that are both relevant to your business and highly searched for. Once the keywords have been finalized, we incorporate those phrases into your webpage content and the backend of your site. From there we begin regular SEO activities to promote the keywords and gain you rankings on search engines.

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