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July 4, 2022 Web Design & Development

If you are not sure what ecommerce is, you must have been living under a rock for the last two decades. With the explosion of Internet sales, it has become absolutely vital for companies to have a web presence and ecommerce capabilities. Online shopping has become a revenue-rich beast of epic proportions. In 2021, over 2 billion customers made online purchases. If that number did nothing to wake you up to the power of ecommerce, then likely, nothing will.

Companies looking to leverage their online presence with e-commerce capabilities are looking for an ecommerce web design agency for help. With an estimated 24 million ecommerce websites available online, it is important to make your web presence stand out from others in your sector. How can you make that happen? Easy. Contact MacRAE’S. We create ecommerce websites for various businesses in multiple sectors.

What are the Types of Ecommerce Websites?

Ecommerce websites greatly increase a company’s reach. Customers are able to research and purchase products from companies around the world. With just a few clicks, they are able to make purchases from their own home.

The two types of ecommerce websites are listed below:

  • Vendor-Specific Websites
  • Multi-Vendor Online Marketplaces

Vendor-Specific Websites

This is the most common ecommerce website. They are designed and run by a single business who is the sole seller on the site. Companies who create and manage their own website have the ability to brand their space. It allows them to promote and sell their own products and services. It also allows them to use various digital marketing strategies such as SEO, or search engine optimization. This allows your specific company to rank higher in search results which drives more traffic and customers to your site.

Multi-Vendor Online Marketplaces

This type of ecommerce site brings together products and services from various businesses. Some of the best-known examples of multi-vendor online marketplaces are below:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Alibaba

What is Ecommerce Web Development?

Web development for an ecommerce site needs to involve designing a prototype. This prototype needs to do several things:

  • Bring in Customers
  • Generate Conversions
  • Allow POS for Customers

It is important the website look and feel the way you want it to. This is the first impression customers will have of your company.

Key Components to Ecommerce Web Development

While there are many considerations to be made during development, these steps are key:

  • Have a Plan
  • Choose Domain Name
  • Create a Layout
  • Code Your Website
  • Optimize Functionality

Ecommerce website development is not to be taken lightly. It is important to have a valued partner as your ecommerce web design agency. Let MacRAE’S be your development partner. We can help your company with every step.

Contact us to explore how we can help your business grow.