Boosting Your Conversion Rate by Optimizing E-Commerce Store Images

January 11, 2017 Web Design & Development

Are you tired of trying strategies to boost your conversion rate that don’t get you the results you need? If so, you should talk to a respected online marketing agency in Toronto about optimizing the images on your e-commerce store. By making the appropriate changes, you will see a significant improvement.

Although there are several ways to boost your conversion rate, one of the fastest and most efficient involves changing your store images. When selecting the right photos, you can expect dramatic results. As explained by the top Toronto SEO agency, people who shop for products online want a visual of what they get. Therefore, it is essential that you use large images of extremely high quality so that people can see product details. An alternative to this is to provide a magnification option, allowing users to zoom in.

Also, it is critical to have lots of white space surrounding the images. The goal is to eliminate distractions, so that the picture captures immediate attention. You need multiple images as well. In fact, the more, the better, Even if visitors to your e-commerce store do not look at every one, they feel more confident about buying from you if they have that option.

Something else to consider is the angle of the photos that you use for your online store. As an example, if someone is shopping online for a pair of boots, not only do they want to see them from the front but also the sides and the back. Along with that, a reputable Toronto SEO agency will provide people with images of the same product in different colors or similar styles.

The bottom line is that to increase the number of conversions on your e-commerce store, you need to work with an SEO company that will do the following:

  • Use superior quality images
  • Use large-sized photos
  • Give users interactive options for product images, including rotating, scaling, and zooming
  • Surround product images with white space
  • Use multiple photos
  • Create several images of the same product

With an abundance of online marketing companies in Toronto, it is critical that you choose the best one. At MacRAE’s Marketing, we have in-depth experience and expertise in all aspects of SEO, including increasing conversion rates by implementing the appropriate images for e-commerce stores. For more information about our company and the services that we provide, visit us online or call us today.

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