What You Need to do When Developing a Great New Website

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October 5, 2021 Web Design & Development

A great website is what it takes to turn your luck around in business. While creating one takes effort and expertise, the rewards are worth the trouble. But if you find this route frustrating, hiring a website development company will save you a lot. Thanks to their web development services, you will incur a small fee in exchange for a great new website. Without further ado, here is what you need to do when developing a great new website:

Find a prominent domain name

Start by choosing a great domain name that prospect visitors can use to easily locate your site. Since it’s the address to your site, ensure it strike a great impression for purpose and usability. And most importantly, it must be good for SEO. That said, use the following tips to create your domain name:

  • Must easy to spell
  • Very short
  • Must have the right domain extension
  • Use an SEO friendly address
  • Only use essential names
  • Should be memorable
  • Must accommodate future growth

Choose a secure and flexible web hosting provider

Web hosting is essential if you want your site to appear on the internet. Through your domain name linked to a hosting platform, the visitors can locate your site during an online search. Your budget can range between $2-100 monthly depending on the hosting provider you prefer. But to reduce your spending on a hosting platform, pick an annual plan. That said, you can choose any of the following types of hosting solutions:

  • Dedicated server: costs about $100-2000 monthly
  • Shared server: costs at least $2 monthly
  • VPS (Virtual private server): costs about $20-50 monthly
  • Use a clear business description

Make good use of the first impression with a clear business description. This means your visitors should clearly know your identity and the services you are offering on your site. This will limit confusion and ensure they spend a few more minutes checking out your offers.

Use the best CMS (Content Management System)

CMS is essential if you want to manage your site well. You can use it in the development and management of your site content. And if you choose a reliable CMS, you don’t need technical skills when managing your site. That said, you can choose any of the following top CMSs:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
Look at their reviews and decide which fulfills your site needs. Also, it must be easier for you to manage.

Work with a reliable e-commerce platform

If you are developing your site for e-commerce purposes, then you’ll need a good platform for this. This route is a great one if you want to monetize your site and boost your site income. Also, money transactions will be efficient and secure when your users pay for services or products you’ve sold them. On that note, here are the best e-commerce platforms options:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify Plus
  • Shopify
  • GoDaddy
  • Wix

You’ll need an Intuitive User Interface

Guarantee positive outcomes from your visitors through using an intuitive user interface. Such an interface will leave an impression on your audience that will encourage frequent visits from them. Use a guide for this, if possible, to ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned traffic.

Site optimization

While a hosting platform ensures your site can be found online, it’s not enough. And this is where site optimization plays a crucial role. It ensures your website ranks on Google front page where your site will be more visible to researchers. Keep in mind, your website will have rivals offering similar content and competing for the same users. But site optimization dictates whose site pops up in front of potential clients during their search.

Other tips

  • Prepare and publish quality content regularly
  • Choose reliable webmaster tools
  • Organize site maintenance plan

Finally, you’ve got all the secrets on how to develop a great new website, so, what’s your next move? If you can tackle this hand on, then start immediately and contact us if you need any clarification. However, if this task is beyond your skills, contact a WordPress website development company.

They will help you where necessary and ensure you get the best new website you want. Speaking of company, contact MacRAE’S if you want any sort of web development services including developing a new site. They have highly skilled web developers who will develop a site that will lead your business to success.

Contact us to explore how we can help your business grow.