What To Do When It’s Time for a Website Redesign

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January 3, 2017 Web Design & Development

Is your website starting to look tired? If so, you might not be the only one that thinks so – which is why you’ll want to partner with a professional web design and development company.

An ineffective website can turn away visitors and increase your bounce rate, meaning they won’t view more than one page before moving on to a competitor. That’s not going to do much for you, especially if you run an ecommerce site that allows people to buy from your online store.

Make Your Site Responsive

In 2019, billions of people are accessing the web from their mobile device – and the number is only growing larger. So if your website is not automatically reformatting to fit a phone or tablet screen, then that’s something you’ll need to tackle with the help of a web application development company.

Modernize Your Site

If your website is using outdated colour schemes or fonts that look like they’re from an 1820 novel, then it’s time to update the look of your website. One way to determine whether you’re hitting the mark is by searching for your competitor’s sites – are they clean, pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate? If not, then web design and development services can come to the rescue.

Speed Up Page Loads

Because people have increasingly short attention spans, you only have a matter of seconds to hook them once they land on your homepage. So if you have a large jpeg image that takes a long time to load, you might be losing out on a lot of potential sales as people get frustrated and leave.

Increase Sales

Ultimately, you want your website to give you a return on your investment – whether they’re buying online, or seeing items they want from your store. In either case, you have to make the sales experience as streamlined as possible by making products stand out, and providing an easy path to the online checkout.

Also be sure to use language on the site that motivates buyers. You don’t want it to read like a sales catalogue, but a call to action at the end of a product page (for example, buy now and save $5!) can go a long way in your sales conversions.

Use an Experienced Web Application Development Company

Don’t panic! If your website isn’t performing the way you’d hoped, or it has been awhile since you gave the site a new look, then search for web design and development services that can boost your user engagement and convert more