What Does Your ECommerce Site Need to Succeed?

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December 18, 2020 Web Design & Development

Building and maintaining an eCommerce website can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative. In fact, statistics from Orbelo reveal that over 2 billion people are buying products from eCommerce websites. That is approximately 25% of the world's population! Furthermore, eCommerce studies prove that this figure is expected to increase, and reach up to 43% by the year 2040!

Whether you already launched an eCommerce site, or just starting an eCommerce presence, consulting a website designing company can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. Why? Because partnering with experts who already have their finger on the pulse of online purchasing trends gives you a high advantage over competitors and allows you to avoid mistakes while focusing on eCommerce success.

Top Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website

When it comes to constructing an eCommerce website, particular attention must be paid to planning. Implementing proper strategies from the start can ensure long-term success, and also prevents damaging pitfalls. Knowing this, our eCommerce web design agency has formulated a power-packed checklist for your benefit to get you on the right track to designing an eCommerce website that is prolific and profitable.

Keep it Simple

Too often (especially newcomers to eCommerce) web builders overcomplicate the design of an eCommerce website. Many bells and whistles on a website are unnecessary and even distracting. Apps that show real-time visitors, or the phases of the moon, or today's date; all of these are needless features. In fact, superfluous apps can conflict with the functionality of your website and cause major problems such as slow load times and errors during the customer purchasing process. So when it comes to eCommerce web designing, always follow this rule: Simpler is better.

Speed is Key

Studies show that an average of 53% of mobile users will click out of a website if it does not load within 1-2 seconds. That means if your eCommerce website takes 3 or more seconds to load, you are losing visitors, or worse, losing a lot of potential customers. Streamlining website load times for optimal speed can depend on many variables. That's when partnering with an eCommerce web design company can be invaluable. Experts in digital efficacy like MacRAE'S can identify what is causing a sluggish website and implement solutions to get it up to speed so visitors stay happy and keep shopping your site.

Solid Search Features

It may seem obvious, but having a superior search function is a commonly overlooked function on many eCommerce websites. There is nothing more irritating for your potential customers than to have inferior search results when seeking something specific from your offerings. You might think having a generic search bar is sufficient; think again. Most search plugins are painfully ineffective and often useless. Even worse, some search features aggregate results from other sources from the internet which could be your competitors. A savvy website designing company like MacRAE'S knows how to install a fully integrated, highly functional search feature on your site that your customers will love.

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