Things to Know about Email Marketing – The Core of Lead Generation

February 11, 2017 Email Marketing

For one reason or another, many people believe that email marketing is a waste of time. The fact is that top lead generation companies use this strategy because it works incredibly well in boosting viable leads. If you work with a reputable SEM agency, you can learn how to generate leads through email marketing, or you can have an expert design and develop an efficient campaign for you.

To better understand how a properly planned lead generation marketing campaign using emails works, consider the examples below.

  • Enticing Subject Line – The first thing that people look at, when receiving an email is the subject line. Therefore, it is imperative to use words that encourage a response. With compelling words, you will trigger interest so that prospects open your emails and read them.
  • The Sender – Instead of having them come from your business, have them come from you. That personal touch will go a long way in building rapport. Also, add a recent photo of yourself to make connections stronger.
  • Personalized Content – An expert can increase the number of leads to your site by as much as 14 percent by using personalized content. Not only that, but this will increase your conversion rate by as much as 10 percent. For this, address recipients by their first names, and craft emails so they sound as though you wrote them to just one person.
  • Responsive Templates – Because most people now use mobile devices, it is critical that you use responsive templates. Ultimately, your emails will appear more professional regardless of the platform.
  • Compelling Call to Action – As part of lead generation marketing, an SEO expert will add a compelling call to action to your emails. When worded correctly, people will naturally follow the action that you requested.
  • Well-Written Content – Make sure that your content is original, problem-solving, and informative. Prospects want valuable content, meaning information that they can trust.
  • Sharing on Social Media – Add a button to make it easy for email recipients to share your information on social media while at the same time broadening your reach.
  • Unsubscribe Link – You never want to make anyone feel trapped, which is why you should always offer email recipients an option to unsubscribe. Instead of most people unsubscribing, this simple action will make you and your business more credible.

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