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How you show up in search engine results can make a big difference in whether you or your competition gets the sale. MacRAE’S is one of the trusted SEO companies in Mississauga, helping businesses to boost their brand visibility when someone is looking for a particular product or service online. We also specialize in local SEO services which helps businesses rank higher locally, that includes Google My Business, Google Maps and the search engines.


When you increase your search engine rankings, more people will see your business as an authority in your industry. Our SEO services helps generate more traffic to your website, and convert more browsers into buyers.

When you increase your organic reach through improved SEO, you won’t have to rely as much on paid ads to reach your target audience.


Analysis of your site can uncover a lot of valuable information to help you reach more customers. As an experienced Search Engine Optimization company, we can analyze your website traffic and know how long people are staying on your site, as well as your page rank and authority. This can lead to strategies for improvements to your organic search results.

Organic Search

Your customers will more easily be able to find you online based on keyword searches. This means less spending on ads to target potential customers.

On-page Seo

As a search engine optimization company, we can create custom content while also adjusting your site configuration to reach a wider audience.

Link Building

Inbound links from quality sources can help you raise your rankings on search engines. By finding partner sites with high traffic, you can increase your own reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three main types of SEO?
There are three main ways that SEO is practiced. The first is On-Page optimization. We incorporate keywords into your webpage content as well as into the meta titles and descriptions of your pages. On-Page SEO also involves regular content updates through the form of blogs that include keyword rich content to drive the rankings. The second type is Off-Page SEO, which involves creating backlinks to your site to improve page authority through external business listing sites. Off page SEO also involves optimizing your social media accounts, and regular postings promoting the SEO blogs through them. The final type is Technical SEO, which involves optimizing your site for mobile applications, auditing the speed of your site, and registering your site with webmaster tools. MacRAE’S uses all of these methods to boost keyword rankings and drive quality traffic to your site.
Why is SEO important for my business?
The majority of search engine users are most likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions that appears. SEO efforts push your business to rank ahead of your competitors and appear above them in search engine results. This allows you to receive a higher volume of traffic showing more potential customers your website. SEO is a long-term strategy that focuses on building and stabilizing your rankings over time. Having a nice website is all well and good, but without SEO efforts, your business will not see as much online traction. It’s also important to note that while SEO is important, if you don’t have a great website backing you up, potential clients will leave your site and choose someone else. In addition to our SEO programs, MacRAE’S offers top quality website design and development services.
How do you make SEO plans?
We start with a free audit of your website to determine the overall health and how much work will need to be done in the backend to optimize it for SEO activities. We then have a free consultation where we discuss which of our programs will be best suited for your website. We set up goals and strategies based on conversations with you about what you want to get out of your SEO efforts.
Can I change my program after I’ve signed up?
Our programs are designed around long-term SEO goals set up during your onboarding sessions. We are happy to help you determine changing goals and broadening the scope of your project, and our projects can scale with your business.
Do I Need Different SEO Strategies for Different Search Engines?
There are subtle differences between the various search engines. However, you can usually focus on Google in your SEO strategy, since most of your target market will make use of this leading search engine. Also, most of the organic traffic is from Google.
Why should I choose MacRAE’S for my SEO?
At MacRAE’S we offer stellar customer service and attention to detail, and we put the success and happiness of our clients before everything else. Our SEO packages are all inclusive, so you don’t pay extra for additional services. Once we receive access to your website, we handle all backend updates and optimizations including monthly blog postings. Our digital marketing team is highly experienced, and have worked with clients from many different and unique fields over the years. We can’t wait to help with your SEO efforts, so get in touch with us for a free website audit and consultation today!

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