Ranking High on Google with Specialized Websites

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May 11, 2021 Digital Marketing

One concern many small business owners have is whether or not they can rank towards the top of a Google search with their website. Small business websites like those focused on local cleaning or junk removal tend to be fairly focused, so they often only appear in a small number of searches. However, even very specialized, small websites can rank at the top of a search. Here are a few tips that will impact websites that revolve around SEO for cleaning businesses and other specialized companies.

Make Certain Your Content is Beneficial to Users

The saying “content is king” is still very true today. While your SEO and keywords are vital to bringing in visitors, Google is just as concerned about good content. Your content should incorporate keywords as naturally as possible, but it’s even more important that the content is informative or helps visitors understand who your business is and why you have the solutions they need.

Evaluate Your Pages

As a new or fairly small business, you may not have very many pages on your website. Do you have all of the pages you need, though? Have you thought about adding something like a FAQ page or a page for reviews? Maybe you could add a blog to help bring in more traffic while also providing information to your visitors. You may find that you can add landing pages for each city your serve or for specific seasons or products/services.

This may seem difficult for a website that revolves around junk removal SEO, but it’s not impossible. Think about what your visitors need to know and add pages where appropriate. Don’t add extra pages just to increase the size of your website, though.

Add Backlinks

Backlinks are links found on other websites that link to you. By mentioning other companies and brands, you may be able to get backlinks to your website. You can reach out to companies you work with and ask that they link to you. Once you have backlinks to one page, you can use internal links to pass the benefits on to other pages on your website.

Make Use of Google My Business

Google My Business does more than just list you in a directory of businesses. It helps your website appear and rank higher in local searches. Be sure you claim your listing and keep your contact information updated.

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