Proven SEO Methods for Getting Your Website Endorsed by Google News

February 6, 2017 Technology

Even if you have a professionally designed and developed website, unless it is endorsed by or listed on Google News, you have a limited audience. There are actually several reasons why online businesses do not appear in Google News, but before going into those details, you should consider the following tips to get the content of your site included.

Learning about Google News provides you with a much greater understanding as to why services for SEO in Toronto are so critical in getting your website listed or endorsed. As the name implies, Google News is a site that collects headline and newsworthy stories from literally tens of thousands of sources from around the globe. That information is then displayed on the site for people to read and share.

One thing that makes Google News unique from other news type websites is that the content is based on each user’s preferences and interests. In other words, instead of people getting information on all of the news stories, they set their preferences and select their interests, so only relevant content is provided.

By getting your website listed on or endorsed by Google News, the amount of brand traffic will increase substantially. This will also enhance your online visibility, thereby extending your reach. Although Google News is similar to the Google search engine in that you are required to follow the best practices and guidelines, there are distinct differences. However, following the established guidelines ensures that your content is included, but also that it ranks high.

The more you learn about SEO services in Toronto, the more you will discover that the content on your website must be relevant to your business. In addition, your content must be uploaded in a timely manner, interesting, original, and filled with accurate details. If you feature original and aggregated content, it is important for the two to be differentiated. Otherwise, you would put your website at risk for not being listed on or endorsed by Google News.

Something else of importance is that if your content is in any way overly distracting, it may not be listed. This would include advertisements, videos, and other things in excess. On the other hand, if your content is original, informative, and useful, and if it contains trust signals that include phone numbers, brick and mortar addresses, email addresses, and so on, people trust it. This increases your chances of making it on the Google News site.

Even when getting information from SEO services in Toronto, you must adhere to certain technical guidelines if you want your site included on Google News. As with the Google search engine, this news site uses algorithms that discover and crawl online content. If you pay attention to the set guidelines, there will be no problem but if not, your site could be blocked from getting listed on or endorsed by Google News.

As far as ranking criteria, the majority of the technical guidelines fall in line with traditional SEO in Toronto. However, there are a few factors that are unique to Google News. As an example, anchor links and URLs need to describe the content. In addition, they have to be unique and permanent. As far as the technical criteria, all content must be in the HTML format, since this site does not display or crawl content in PDFs or JavaScript language.

Only news content is displayed on Google News. Therefore, the slightest hint of any business advertisement or promotional content will lead to rejection. If you need help in creating content that will make it on the Google News site or you want assistance with any other SEO strategy, please contact our professionals at MacRAE’S. Our team has the expertise needed to positively impact businesses in a very competitive online market.