PPC Services in Toronto Will Help Boost Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Using Facebook Ads

July 6, 2017 PPC Management

When it comes to successful ad campaigns, Facebook plays an important role. For one thing, Facebook ads help increase leads. Of course, if you need professional assistance, you can always use PPC services in Toronto. By working with a reputable PPC agency in Toronto, you will watch your online business go from ordinary to extraordinary. When choosing among the PPC management services in Toronto, make sure the experts focus on all SEO strategies, not just PPC.


Sequential Lead Nurturing


For your prospects who prefer emails or who tend to wait to open them, you need to consider sequential lead nurturing with Facebook ads. In either scenario, this effort is beneficial and we need a Facebook ads agency in Toronto. Send out an email on one day then a Facebook ad the next day. The language you use is important; for example, mention a discount or promotion and include a link to the relevant product page.


Strategic Targeting


Remember, the audience on Facebook is unique. For that reason, you need to use your CRM to create of list of anyone who put a high-value product in his or her shopping cart but left before making the purchase. After uploading this list to Facebook, you can perform what is known as an A/B test that gives you insight into the types of offers or messages required for conversions.


Broader Reach


Something else to consider is that you should upload your CRM list of users who did not immediately open the lead nurture email to Facebook so that you can identify where your retargeted message should go.


‘Lead Ads’ on Facebook


“Lead Ads” on Facebook provides you with options for the objective of your campaign. You need to go to “Lead Generation,” followed by “Lead Ads.” There, you can customize a form that works with any device. As a result, this captures information on people interested in what you sell and fills out the form with leads automatically


Proper Communication


For Facebook Ads in Toronto, be sure to use communication that relates to your targeted audience. The easiest way to get the information that you need is by posting a live Q&A session or a brief survey.

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