Pay-Per-Click Services: Top PPC Techniques and Trends for 2017

April 17, 2017 PPC Management

There are several PPC techniques and trends for 2017 that you should know about for enhancing your business. Pay-per-click services are an essential tool used for optimization, but as with any SEO strategy, they evolve. Unless you possess extensive expertise and knowledge specific to this strategy, it is to your advantage to work with the best PPC advertising company possible.

Emerging Techniques and Trends
  • Better Audience Targeting – The best PPC advertising will present even more features in 2017 to improve audience targeting that reaches consumers at the right time. You can achieve better targeting to your custom user audience by utilizing tools, like Google’s client Match or RLSA, or initial party knowledge sources, including CRM databases.
  • Leverage Big Data and Attribution – Due to the complexity of today’s conversion paths, micro-moments are critical. This year, a PPC management company needs to leverage the union between big data and attribution. Customer engagement will be standard for 2017, meaning that using a last click attribution to build a loyal customer base will no longer be effective. Ultimately, relationships can be built days, weeks, or even months prior to customers being in a buying mode. This can be accomplished with strategies that take data from multiple channels and then turning them into insights.
  • Complete Funnel Investing – To stay ahead of the competition, investing must include all areas of the funnel, not just the bottom. Eventually, this will help build more trust and loyalty with your targeted audience.
  • Analyze SERPs – Because of changes to Google’s SERPs, immediate answers and knowledge graphs have started to consume an increasing amount of online real estate, making it harder to attract searchers. To overcome this challenge, a PPC management company will need more coordinated efforts and deeper analysis of SERPs. By utilizing appropriate ad extensions and taking advantage of extra characters through ETAs, paid search ads will begin to take over more real estate.
  • Ad Personalization – The prediction for 2017 is that semi-personalized advertising will be adopted on a significant scale. This dramatic increase in marketers adopting actual audience targeting will push search engines to devote more resources that make audience targeting easier.

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