Local Search Engine Optimization Services: The Golden Key for Customer Engagement

April 10, 2017 SEO

As a small business, strong customer engagement is critical to success. Local search engine optimization services are the most effective way to enhance engagement with your customers, which helps grow your business. Although farther-reaching optimization strategies are important, you need to give special consideration to local search marketing.

Identifying the most effective digital marketing channels will take your business to a sustainable level of success. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to see that there are tremendous opportunities in their own backyards. Not only does this have a direct impact on website traffic, it fails to engage with the right customers

Increased Number of Qualified Prospects

When using the best local online marketing solutions, more qualified prospects are driven to your website. Working with a reputable marketing source, several methods are implemented. As an example, SEO services will get your website in front of prospects searching for your specific keywords. This same service will help your online business rank high on map listings.

Unlike SEO, which takes time to achieve results, pay-per-click advertising works fast. Local search marketing needs to focus on social media, since sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others can drive prospects to your site. Recent statistics reveal that 50 percent of consumers who performed a local search using a smartphone showed up at the business’ physical address within one day, followed by 34 percent of people using a computer or tablet to search.

Increased Customer Engagement

Even affordable SEO services for a small business can have a huge impact on customer engagement pertaining to social media. These same services help build local reviews. Staying current on effective social media strategies is often overwhelming, especially for people without this kind of expertise. However, a reputable local search marketing company can take the reins.

This company will offer an array of local online marketing solutions, including the creation of social media campaigns. It will also provide solutions specific to content marketing and social media management. With SEO campaigns, specific social networks commonly visited by local customers are targeted. With content marketing, articles, blogs, e-books, infographics, and a host of other solutions are developed for your specific local market.

MacRAE’s has been providing services for local and organic searches for years. Instead of getting left behind, we encourage you to learn more about our services and give us a call to change the direction of your business today.

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