How Small Business Digital Marketing Is Unique

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December 4, 2020 Digital Marketing

Comparing small businesses with big businesses is like comparing bananas to buttered biscuits. They don't have many things in common. However, one common denominator is how the power of strategic digital marketing makes a huge impact on any online presence, whether big business or small. Done correctly, digital marketing for small business can yield remarkable results, catapulting a small business into a stratosphere of success that can potentially go head-to-toe with any big business competitor.

One of the most painfully obvious differences between big and small businesses usually boils down to budget. Big businesses like Nike or Pepsi scarcely blink an eye while dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars into a digital marketing budget. Conversely, a small business owner might nervously hesitate when parting with just a hundred dollars on services to improve website ranking and sales. Luckily, SEO services for small businesses do not demand a fortune to render remarkable results.

Why Small Business Is Good for Online Success

As a small business owner, maybe you don't have billions to pour into your SEO or marketing campaigns, but that doesn't have to limit your odds of online success. Small businesses are unique in many ways and that means they have distinct advantages over mega-multi-million businesses. The key to digital marketing for small businesses is accentuating the positives and embracing your company's differences that set you apart from the crowd.

One example of this is focusing on and featuring your hometown charm. More and more, consumers are transitioning from big box retail to local providers of products and services. The idea of buying from artisans and specialized shops close to home is far more appealing for more discerning shoppers. As an expert B2B SEO agency in Canada and North America, MacRAE'S small business marketing professionals will confirm that focusing on localized SEO can yield impressive results in increased traffic and sales.

Another asset often overlooked by small business owners the element of company flexibility. Big businesses encounter monumental struggles when it comes to making changes in their marketing systems. The bigger the business, the more arduous and challenging it is to make (or reverse) effective changes. Contrarily, SEO services for small businesses can stay lithe and lean. When there is less bulk and mass to manage, a small business can adapt and make quick changes in marketing campaigns. This can be a huge asset because if a marketing strategy is clearly ineffective, a few tweaks can constitute almost immediate results without having to make massive adjustments.

Perhaps one of the biggest feather in a small business cap is the ability to stay personable. When it comes to radical customer service, big businesses are at a disadvantage. The evolving mentality of today's consumers often views big business as faceless conglomerates that care very little about customer satisfaction.

As a small business, you are quite the opposite. You realize your customers are the lifeblood to your success. Given that, you are positioned to create an intimate, personalized shopping experience for your customers that has the potential to spread like wildfire on the internet. Giving your consumers a cause and social connection leads to positive reviews, repeat purchases, and even viral spreading about how your products or services are far more coveted than big business competitors. With this in mind, take stock of your unique ability to personally connect with your customers when you consider digital marketing for a small business.

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