How Retargeting Helps Boost Your Sales

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January 11, 2021 Digital Marketing

Are you wondering if it is time to reposition your voice or presence online? This is a common practice known as retargeting and it can be helpful in boosting attention if sales or traffic to your website has gone stagnant. Retargeting is also known as remarketing and it is a practice that can reinvent and reenergize your online presence that better fits the needs of your potential customers. If you are considering the task of undertaking a new message for your website visitors, your best bet for success is to partner with a qualified digital marketing company in Toronto because these are the experts that can guide you through the process of remarketing with minimal stress and hassle.

What Is Remarketing and How It Impacts Your Business

If you are noticing a drop in website traffic, the cause might be due to a decrease in interest from your target audience. Remarketing is a strategy that reorganizes your content, message, and mission in a way that invigorates your website and gets your visitors re-engaged and jazzed about your offerings. Furthermore, SEO companies in Toronto can convert your website visitors from lookers to buyers. This can be accomplished by focusing on leads you may already have and encouraging them to commit to buying rather than simply browsing.

Capturing visitors on your website who have incomplete transactions (as in, unfulfilled orders or incomplete shopping carts) is a delicate practice. Our digital marketing agency in Toronto has the skills and experience required to get orders filled, shopping carts complete, and satisfy sales for your business.

Why It Might Be Time to Retarget Your Marketing

Research shows that up to 98% of visitors to a website make one of two choices; they either buy the first time they land on your sales page, or they don't buy anything at all, ever. Retargeting marketing is a method to attract these non-buyers back to your website so they can seal the deal and commit to making a purchase from you. Retargeting is sometimes essential when you need to re-build brand trust and get people to notice your offerings.

Maybe you have new ideas or new products or services to provide your customers. This is likely a good time to remarket your position online in order to re-engage your customers. SEO companies in Toronto such as MacRAE'S digital solutions can assess your mission and help you achieve your goals to revamp and stimulate your visitors so they are motivated to buy from you.

Aside from having new products to offer, it's also important to remarket your best-selling service or product every once in a while to reignite interest in these offerings. Timing is crucial when it comes to retargeting your marketing efforts. Aligning with a trusted digital marketing company in Toronto is your first and best action towards achieving a successful retargeting campaign that wins results and inspires renewed sales.