Google Brings Manual Action for Google News and Discover in Search Console

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February 24, 2021 SEO

Google has added a number of manual actions to their guideline violations for Google Discover and Google News. These manual actions may be confusing for those who do not have websites that regularly appear in either the Discover or News section. Google News is typically populated with websites that focus on recent events, including websites connected to newspapers and television stations. Google Discover is a rebrand of the old Google Feed service and provides personalized content to users. If your website falls into the news or recent events category, a good search engine optimization company will make certain your site appears in searches on News and Discovery.

What Is a Google Manual Action?

A “manual action” occurs when one of Google’s human workers determines that a result in the News or Discover section does not meet Google’s requirements. Typically, this type of flag occurs when a website tries to deceive Google and rank higher in searches it shouldn’t rank in. Other manual actions may be related to the content or the quality of the website. The new actions added to the Google Console are designed to allow webmasters and website owners the chance to review these manual actions and respond to them.

Types of Policy Violations

There are many Google News and Google Discover policy violations that your site may get flagged for. Fortunately, if you are running a true news site, you likely won’t see any of these violations. If you do, a good company that offers SEO Services in Toronto will be able to advise you on what to do to get back in Google’s good standings.

Some of the violations are obvious. For example, you may get flagged for having adult-themed content. The solution, if you want to remain in the Google Discover feed, is to remove this content. This is also the solution if you’re flagged for dangerous, harassing, or hateful content.

Other violations have to do with the content on your site. If it appears that your images, audio, or video have been manipulated in order to deceive or mislead people, your site will not be allowed in News or Discover until that media is removed. Anything misleading or that includes vulgar language also has no place in either of these sections of Google.

This Only Applies to News and Discover

Do keep in mind that these violations and the manual actions related to them only apply to sites ranking in Google News or appearing in Google Discover. If you simply want your website to appear in a Google search, it still will even if you do not meet the News and Discover guidelines. As long as your site is related to a user’s query, it will appear in their results.

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