Examining E-A-T Tactics

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July 20, 2021 SEO
With more companies making their way onto the online digital marketing space, the competition for the most traffic is continuing to become more intense. People have a lot of choices to choose from in terms of who they should work with. With that being said, search engine optimization is more vital than ever. Search engines rank companies by relevance, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These factors are ranked by a company’s content relevance and quality type.   When creating content, companies should keep in mind the acronym E.A.T. This meaning is short for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Following these steps can allow companies to improve their search engine ranking. Since your site will become more visible, the chances of an audience coming across your content as reliable is increased. Working with a search engine optimization company can assist with success. However, there are a few practices to be aware of when practicing E.A.T that can negatively impact your company.

Not Including Evidence

  When it comes to claiming to be a professional, companies must back up their credentials. Clients will not likely believe companies that accredit themselves to being professionals without any proof. For example, you would not trust someone to perform an engineering job if they did not prove any licensing that they were legit. Online a company can lose it’s the authority by not including an author's name and credentials in a blog byline. A lack of evidence can result In potential clients not trusting a company. Furthermore, if no evidence is provided the conclusion that a company is fraud is possible. This can be dangerous and cause a company to be at the bottom of Google's search engine.

Duplicate Content

  When content is the same without any new topics, the same topics will begin to get out. Duplicate content can decrease a company’s chance of search engine success. These pages fail to work and lead to a lack of credibility. To avoid this, digital marketing experts can assist with local SEO services that provide a variety of different content.

General Content

  It can be easy to not go into depth about the provided services that are on your webpage. When not going in-depth or providing enough necessary or new details, it can be difficult to engage viewers.

How to Use E.A.T Efficiently

  Ensuring to not use the practices above is vital. When using E.A.T properly, there are plenty of ways a company can prove to viewers that they are legit and can be trusted.   Updating content and focusing on quality can allow visitors to feel more connected to businesses. Improving site structure is also imperative. The way a site is structured can determine if visitors stick around or not.   If you need assistance with creating E.A.T worthy content, MacRAE’S offers SEO services in Toronto to assist all types of businesses. For information, contact MacRAE’S digital marketing agency in Toronto today.

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