Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – The Unending Debate

May 25, 2018 Digital Marketing

Before computers, traditional marketing was the only option people had to spread the word about a company, product, or service. In the digital era, some people think there is no place for traditional marketing while others feel differently. Even with digital marketing services in Toronto, you should not automatically discount traditional marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Considering how fierce online competition is today, you need every tool available to succeed. For that reason, start by doing business with a reputable internet marketing company. One with years of experience will hone in on the most effective techniques based on your needs and goals. The expert understands that while online strategies are critical, so are some off-site methodologies.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes things like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, business cards, billboards, flyers, in-person symposiums, and so on. Basically, any offline method of marketing falls into this category. To see why traditional marketing still plays a key role in the success of online businesses, consider some of the primary benefits.

  • Excellent for reaching a local population
  • Good control in targeting the right audience
  • Securable and tangible
  • Helps build long-term relationships
  • Ideal for targets uncomfortable with the internet

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Due to complexities and ever-changing rules, it is essential that you work with a respected internet marketing company. Using various factors, an SEO expert will determine which digital strategies line up best with your goals and objectives. Some of the techniques include social media, online business networking, paid pop-up ads, blogs and videos, emails, and clickbait links for viral content, among others.

When comparing the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing, the latter wins hands down. However, that should not discount the positive aspects of taking a more conventional approach, if combined with modern age initiatives. Following are some of the key reasons why you need an excellent digital marketing strategy.

Reduced Cost – Compared to radio, television, newspaper, and magazine ads, you will spend significantly less on digital marketing. Especially for small businesses, startup companies, and nonprofit organizations, cost savings helps tremendously.

Results in Real Time – Another benefit is that instead of waiting days, weeks, and even months to see results, things happen in real time. For example, if you mail a coupon for one of your products, it has to go through the mail system and once opened, an individual may set it aside until convenient to use. With digital marketing, you can provide an online coupon that someone can apply immediately to your product or service.

Monitoring and Analytics You can see many things in real time that will determine whether you are on track or need to make some adjustments to your site. You can view bounce rates, the time of day when most people visit your site, how many visitors you have, and conversion rates, plus more.

Developing Your Brand – Unlike traditional marketing with limited space, you can use an entire website to market your brand. You have endless possibilities for posting photos, videos, blogs, articles, and more.

Enhanced Control – When buying a magazine, most people find the ads annoying. After all, they bought the publication to read news, gossip, fashion advice, and so on, not to look at ads. However, readers have no control over the ads. As for digital marketing, people can block pop-up ads, delete an email, and bow out of a discussion on social media. When done correctly, this form of marketing will intrigue people without annoying them.

Increased Online Visibility – While local traditional marketing reaches a specific audience, digital marketing reaches the entire world.

Hiring a Trusted Company

MacRAE’s is a trusted search engine optimization company dedicated to taking your success to a new level. Although we are a forward-thinking company, we understand and embrace more traditional strategies, as well. To learn more about our company and the services we provide, please visit our website or call to schedule a free consultation.

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