SEO For Small Businesses

Digital Marketing For Small B2B Companies

Small business is the backbone of the Canadian economy. As recently as 2015, a full 70 percent of the Canadian labour force was employed by small business. On the other hand, large numbers of small business fail in the first year.

The reasons are typical: inexperienced business owners, no business plan, no capital or funding, or it was simply a bad idea. For owners who are in it for the long haul, having a good ally to provide strategic help, it’s important to connect with a company like MacRAE’S, an established company offer digital marketing for small business.

Marketing is a key component of operating a successful small business. Too many companies refuse to spend money on marketing until they find themselves ironically advertising their going out of business sales. Marketing is vital, and so is knowing how to do it properly. The digital age presents many marketing challenges for businesses tied to traditional thinking; as a result, they make common mistakes, like ignoring the mobile market, focusing on too many social media channels, failing to optimize their websites, or not understanding the benefits of content marketing. When they do spend, they rely on traditional print, outdoor and broadcast media while often ignoring emerging digital platforms and opportunities.

Investing in a company that provides SEO services for small businesses is just one step for small businesses looking to improve their marketing and grow their brand. MacRAE’S offers a full menu of digital marketing for B2B businesses and sales teams looking to gain a competitive edge. They’re a B2B SEO agency that can help any business with B2B SEO services, along with these other important services:

  • Website Design & Development (alone)
  • Website Design & Development with one time or ongoing SEO
  • SEO + Google Ads (PPC) + Retargeting
  • Website Design & Redesign (alone)
  • E-Commerce Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce Development

There are few businesses that are going to attract the website traffic necessary for survival without investing in marketing. Financial hurdles are a primary reason why small businesses fail, but it is an important investment. Spending it with a company known for digital marketing for small business is simple good business. The team at MacRAE’S can meet with your business, do a complete 360 analysis of your primary marketing needs, and then get to work improving your website, your digital traffic and your brand awareness. Show your business acumen as a manger by choosing the right company to help you develop effective marketing strategy. Choose MacRAE’S.

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